There’s this common misconception that you have to go into the field you’re studying. This is most certainly not the case. While you may be studying a specific degree now in order to get a job in that industry at a later date, nothing is set in stone. Your options are never limited. You can’t see the future and therefore you never know where your career path will lead you.   Your interests will change or evolve with time While you may be interested in studying biology now, you might find you lean more to science journalism later on in life. At the age when you decide what you study, you probably don’t know enough about the world to make an informed decision. So you choose subjects that you’re interested right now. And that’s a good thing. But times will change and, as you learn more about what’s out there, you might find your goals evolving. The industry could change Rapid technological advancement means things are constantly changing in every industry. We now get our news from online publications and social media. These days we can order a pizza without speaking to another human being and even pay without using cash or swiping a card. Nothing is the same as it was ten years ago. So, what makes you think your field of study won’t be affected? The unfortunate truth of the matter is that the job you’ve been dreaming about since you were a child might not exist in a few years. You may find yourself doing something completely different out of necessity. But that’s not always a bad thing. You will still use what you’ve learned You don’t necessarily have to go into a strictly business environment just because you studied HR management courses. That course could help you in a leadership position at a creative studio. Every diploma or degree teaches you facts as well as how to see things in a particular way. Whatever you study, you will learn things that will help you later on in your career. You can never know for certain what career or position you’ll end up in. But that’s not something to stress about. In fact, that’s what makes life so exciting.    Image: Pexels