work             There are many reasons why employees stay at a particular company. You’ll learn that lesson when you start looking for a job and working soon. Sometimes it isn’t as simple as enjoying the work. There are a number of other reasons. There’s a listicle doing the rounds of the internet. It’s one of those lists that show what you should expect in the workplace. This one in particular shows why talented employees stay at their jobs. These types of lists can be especially helpful for young students who will be graduating soon. Here are some of the reasons why talented people stay where they are. 1. When Paid well Everyone wants to feel like they are being fairly compensated for their work. This is especially true if you have gone to university and obtained a degree. Many people choose to leave jobs for others because of higher salary offers. 2. If You're Appreciated It’s important that you feel appreciated in your job. This means your boss will listen to your ideas, take your advice and value your input. If you suggest an intense project involving listening to stock market news and implementing what you see there into your work, you’ll hope that your boss listens and implements the project ASAP.  As soon as you begin to feel like no one cares about your input, you may start to look elsewhere. 3. When there are Promotion Prospects You don’t want to hang around in the same position for years on end. You just don’t. If you’ve been at your job for years on end without any sign or chance of promotion, you’ll never really enjoy the job. You need to feel like you’ll move upward through the ranks with a promotion in the near future. 4. If you get Involved in major decisions At some point in your career, you’re going to be pulled into a meeting where you are asked to contribute and decide on important issues. This is where you can really begin to feel valued. This is where you’ll know, if they take your advice, that you have offered valuable insights and they take your ideas seriously. If you aren’t made to feel this way, this could be a moment when you feel like you should leave. 5. If you're Mentored well It‘s important, when you’re starting out in your career, that you have someone older and a little more experienced mentoring you. You need to have someone who has been in your position who can offer advice, show you the ropes and tell you where you’re going wrong or right. 6. If they Challenge You There’s not much point being in a job where you aren’t feeling like you’re being challenged to do your best work. you‘ve just worked hard to complete your studies. You need to work somewhere that will appreciate and use all of that knowledge. Image: Pexels