IMG_6039-Full-House 1. You get to benefit from getting it all over and done with while you're still young and energetic without a lot of life's hassles. 2. You benefit from an ability to be experienced at a young age and add age diversity to a lot of boardrooms. 3. As a young person that would have began working at a young age (if you get a job after graduation) you will pay off your car and house earlier than your peers. 4. You save a whole lot of money for your parents or funders that can then be used for other people. 5. Your ability to enter the working class world at an early age can benefit your siblings through support or other people if you were on NSFAS and repaying your debt 6. It gives you an ability to consider postgrad without pressure from the corporate world. 7. And most importantly, you can SLAY while you're still young because there is nothing as cool as owning a house or a car that people assume belongs to your parents because you're still young.