Justice 1. Time management Study what you learned in class the same day you did it in class so that you can know it better, so when you manage your time effectively, you can always achieve this. 2. Extra-Effort An extra-effort into what you were given in class can help you achieve higher marks 3. Importance of Notes Take as much notes as you can in the lectures. 4. Read Journals
No one told us about reading journals on major topics discussed in class as they always have in depth and updated information more than textbooks.
Justice 2
5. Make Examples
Making specific examples including diagrams to the theory in question is always the best thing to do.
6. Make Friends in the Same Degree
Making friends who are doing the same course as you and are dedicate can always be beneficial.  This is crucial because y'all help each other with things you might have missed out on
7. Consultation
Always go consult on material you didn't understand while studying