The accounting firm EY has sponsored the Department of Accounting with a brand new study hub - a fully outfitted space for hard work, studying...and relaxation, of course. 

Leading accounting firm Ernst and Young (EY) has sponsored the Department of Accounting with a brand new library area. A launch was held on Wednesday 27 July 2016 in the Old Medical Sciences building, where students could get to experience the facility first hand.

With eight workstations, fully outfitted for serious studying and hardcore work, and a comfy couch (all serious students know how important that can be), students will be able to make use of the study hub as they need it.

Honours graduate Brenton Booysen, who now works on campus, was definitely pleased to see the study area opening for business - though it would definitely have come in handy last year when he was still studying (and the project was still in the planning phase).

“The facility is neat and it gives a feel of an actual auditing firm,” said Booysen. “I think it’s a good space in which to study and relax - and work hard.” 

Anthony Cadman, a Director for Assurance at EY, said he hopes the facility will help UWC students do well in their studies - and maybe join their firm someday.

“Developing talent within our profession is something that we are passionate about, and we trust that this study hub will help you to develop to your full potential,” he remarked, “and then take what you’ve learned and go on to make a difference in the world.”

Source: UWC