logo Ditaba Introduction Have you got what it takes to join a revolutionary engineering intelligence provider? GIBB’s bursary programme aims at attracting exceptional young talent to the firm. If you have what it takes to become part of this exciting team, the GIBB bursary programme is ready to change your life. Bursaries awarded are for full-time university students, studying engineering.    Job Functions Civil Engineering,Electrical Engineering,Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Industries Building & Construction,Engineering Specification What is offered? A GIBB bursary covers: Cost of tuition at any university in South Africa  Books and stationery  Travel costs where applicable  Accommodation where applicable  Vacation employment  Contract Obligation: Employment at any GIBB office in South Africa  Vacation work at any GIBB office in South Africa Requirements Application Requirements: Students must be South African citizens with a valid ID Book / Card. Students must be studying towards an Engineering Degree, Honours or Masters, with specialisation in the following disciplines: Civil, Electrical, Rail and Roads. Students must have successfully completed their 1st year of study. For students in University 2nd, 3rd year, Honours or Masters, studying in one of the fields mentioned above need to maintain a 60% average to apply. You must attach certified copies of the below documents in order to be considered: ID CV Matric Certificate Full tertiary academic record - APPLY HERE