Internship Internships are great opportunities. You get to actually be in the industry before you start properly working in the industry. Doing an internship while you’re studying puts you way ahead of other applicants when you finally enter the working world. Not only does it look good on your CV, it also gives you the chance to make real world connections. The thing is, simply having an internship isn’t enough. You need to do well and impress the people you work with. After all, you want them to remember your name. So, here are some tips to help you nail an internship. Be up for any task, no matter how small You can’t walk into an office and expect to be respected and treated as an equal. That would be nice, but the working world isn’t always nice. You need to be willing to do the grunt work, whether that means fetching the coffee or taking notes during meetings. You’re the lowest on the food chain, mostly because you’re new, inexperienced and only there for a short period of time. If you want to get the out of an internship, do everything you can to make people’s lives easier. Put your hand up for every task, no matter how boring or menial. Ask questions No, this does not mean you should bore your busy colleagues with questions about how they got to their position while they’re trying to meet a deadline. What this means is that you should ask about the job at hand. If they give you a task and you don’t know how to complete it, ask someone for instructions. People often forget that others don’t know as much as they do. So, while the process may be obvious to them, it’ll be complicated to you. Your colleagues would rather you ask a question and do the job right than have you make a big mistake they have to correct. Learn as much as you can Whether you’re studying customer service management courses or advertising, internships can give you valuable insight into the industry. If you want to nail an internship, the best thing you can do is absorb the knowledge and show that you’re learning. A company that uses their time and resources to train an intern wants to see results. They’re investing in you so it’s not enough to just show up every morning with a smile on your face.    Image: Pexels