IMG_20160809_041848 When one thought drama and chaos had ended in the Nwu Mafikeng campus after a bumpy start to the year due to a strike that delayed academics, then bang Tactical Knock Out. Students are knocked out their last money over a fake freshers ball that did not take place. When the 6th of August was announced as the date that will officially welcome all 2016 first years to Nwu Mafikeng campus through a prestige event “Freshers Bash”. The heavy line up for the event was announced and it had big artists such as Black Motion, KWESTA, Ralf Gum, Fifi Cooper, Emtee and MC & actress Natasha Thahane a.ka Enhle from Skeem Sam. Students started saving money for the ticket and making all sorts of plans, only to find out after purchasing the tickets on the day the event was suppose to take place that the event was cancelled. Artists such as KWESTA took to social media, he posted on his instagram account “ event organizes sent fraudulent proof of payment, therefore artists lined up for that event wont be there to perform. Those that bought tickets must ask for their refund hashtag let it be known” Natasha Tahane a.k.a Enhle when asked by one of her fans on Twitter she responded by posting “ am currently in Johannesburg, the event was not confirmed”. The news started to escalate fast on social media and that left the students with shock and disbelief, angry Nwu Mafikeng students took it to social media stating that they want their money back and that they feel robbed after event didn’t take place. While on the 8th of August the Nwu Mafikeng issued out a statement that reads “ NWU has taken note of the incidents (allegations) with regard to the Freshers Bash on the Mafikeng Campus on Saturday. Please be advised that the University has referred the matter to the Legal Office for advice”. The students response to the statement issued by management is that they want their money back finish and klaar Article by: Tebogo Edwin Lesoro