dube The organisation recognises that hundreds of thousands of graduates enter the job market annually, but are unable to find employment. There clearly exists a gap between university and the workplace, a gap which must be plugged if career opportunities are to become a widespread reality. In view of this, Dube TradePort Corporation has pledged to play a meaningful and pro-active role in assisting to bridge this gap, preparing our youth for the workplace through a variety of learning and skills development opportunities. The organisation offers three skills development programmes, namely:
  • An Experiential Learning Programme in different functional areas:
  • A Financial Assistance or Bursary Scheme for those with engineering and related qualifications; and
  • An Internship Programme for unemployed graduates.
In addition to providing such developmental programmes, Dube TradePort has, itself, a number of career opportunities. The organisation has been responsible for the creation of a number of new employment opportunities within the Dube TradePort precinct. Nowadays, the career-for-life ideal no longer applies. Most people will hold-down multiple jobs during their working lives, across various business sectors. Flexibility is the key, with people having to be capable of change in order to better themselves and make use of existing opportunities. This requires the need for a transferable skills set - skills useful to employers across the spectrum of employment sectors and abilities which go well beyond individual qualifications and experience. Employability, or so-called ‘soft skills' form the basis of one's career and are, unfortunately, generally  missing in terms of school-leavers, graduates and even the employed. Business invests time, money and effort in inculcating these general and basic skills, and Dube TradePort is no exception in this regard. Dube TradePort Corporation understands that securing employment today is a real challenge and we are making every effort to assist in making the process as painless as possible. APPLY HERE