14242210_954688097976044_8397264735412703825_o After much criticism that was caste on Wits and UCT students over their loud silence with regard to #UKZN challenges, the two campuses have taken up placards to march in solidarity with UKZN. Last week, a few days after UKZN students were brutally abused by police and the law library as well as other buildings were burnt the Wits Fees Must Fall movement issued a consolation statement. At the heart of the criticism caste to Wits and UCT is the fact that UKZN has supported Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall as pioneered by UCT and Wits respectively.  In an attempt to get reaction from both the media and fellow students around the country, UKZN students went up to the extent of establishing #UKZNLivesAlsoMatter #Hashtag  Students around the country are however adamant that it is important to speak from the same voice and not create an 'us' and 'them' element as the struggle is universal.  On Monday 12 September 2016, Wits students began their solidarity protest from the Matrix leading up to the Great Hall Piazza carrying placards whiles UCT students against police violence and rape marched on 10 September 2016


REACTIONS FROM UCT 14238131_1736920279893510_6554019052435503407_n 14212013_1736920533226818_5354050691145008327_n 14203261_1736920346560170_7874377972024574653_n