Gift When you’re a student, you don’t have much money. That’s an unfortunate reality. Even if you can manage a job and study, it’s probably not a full-time job and university is expensive. That’s why buying things like birthday presents can be difficult. You want to get your friend something nice for their 21st but you don’t really have the cash to go all out. However, there are ways to give a gift without breaking the bank. Here are just some of them. Find something they hate doing and do it for them No, you probably shouldn’t write that politics essay for them. But there are things you can do that aren’t ethically (and academically) wrong. For example, do they hate doing household chores? If so, why not do it for them. Get another friend to take them out for the day and do their dishes, wash their laundry and fold their bedding sets. They’ll really appreciate the gesture and will have a great birthday knowing their to-do list just got a whole lot shorter. Edibles are always great People love food, so why not buy them food as a gift? Okay, so maybe don’t rock up at their birthday party with a packet of mince and some uncooked chicken. But you could create an edible arrangement with some chocolates and sweets. It won’t cost too much if you put it together and package it yourself. And if you can bake, they’ll probably love some homemade cupcakes or brownies. Have them around for dinner You have to feed yourself, so you could always make dinner for two instead. Find out what their favourite meal is and try to make it. If you can’t do that, cook whatever you know will taste good. Unless you’re an aspiring chef, they probably won’t expect a 5 star meal. But they will love the effort you’ve put into it. Look up some cool recipes that are cheap and easy to make and invite them over.    Be sentimental If this person is a good friend of yours, you probably have some great stories to tell. Take a trip down memory lane to find an awesome gift idea that won’t cost much. It could be as simple as buying a nice frame for a great photo of the two of you or printing it on a canvas. There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as receiving a sentimental gift and they’ll cherish it forever. Image: Pexels