freindsWhen you start working, you’ll want to be friendly to everyone. You’ll want to chat to people, get to know them and become besties. That’s totally fine. The problem comes when you’re too nice. These are some of the reasons why it sometimes isn’t the best idea to be too friendly at work. You’ll be taken advantage of If you’re always friendly and agreeable, people may start to think they can take advantage of you. If you’re always the one saying yes to projects, agreeing to deadlines and offering to complete additional work like assisting with applications for company asset finance, you could be taken advantage of. Someone more senior than you will notice how agreeable you are and will begin to count on you for all those extra tasks. But this could be a problem if all these little extras get in the way of your real work. There are only so many trips to the shop and time spent at the printer before your work begins to suffer. Weigh up each situation and decide when it’s time to hit back with a firm and agreeable “no”. They might be taken aback at first but soon they’ll respect you for standing up for yourself. You won’t be respected People, especially those in positions of power, respect juniors who have a voice and can make that voice heard. Often when you’re concerned about being liked, you won’t raise workplace issues for fear of not being liked. If you don’t respect yourself enough to speak up when something is bothering you, you can’t expect others to respect you. You won’t be taken seriously People who are too nice often aren’t taken seriously. It has become a stereotype that to be powerful and successful at work, you must be harsh, loud and demanding. It isn’t obvious to many people, especially those who are fairly old-fashioned, that there is a new style of leadership which can be successful. It’s a style of quiet, calm and controlled leadership. Some people don’t realise that you’re successfully doing your job because you’re not constantly shouting. Sometimes, just sometimes, it might help you to raise your voice just a little and become slightly forceful to show that you’re a powerful force to be reckoned with. Image: Pexels