By Mpho Ndaba

It is not every day you come across authors as young as Stacey Fru whose book; “Smelly Cats” was penned down at the age of seven and later became published by the age of eight. “Smelly Cats” was being exhibited in one of the stalls at the 2016 Jozi Book Fair currently happening at Wits University West campus and that is how I found about her work. What do you do when coming across such an amazing story, given the fact that South African literary landscape is monopolised by a particular kind of people and therefore fails to cater for the other.

Based on our interaction, Stacey narrates a story of how she became a writer, “I saw this huge book that mom had written, it turned out that it was her thesis and I was inspired to write as well” she says. She goes on to assert that when her mother found out that she had written something worthy of being published, she became surprised and gave as much support as she could. Citing Jeff Kenny, David Williams and Megan Wegner as one of her favourite authors, Stacey indicates that this is how she is able to develop her characters. Improving the literacy rate and what gets consumed during the early process of socialization is among the reasons why she saw it fit to write and although she is regarded phenomenal talent the literary space has come to have, she still acts her age. “My friends and I still do what other kids our age do, they do not treat me different in any way” asserts Stacey.

The second book which she will be launching on September 17th at Skoobs Bookshop, Montercasino Fourways is called “Bob and the Snake.” Stacey’s slayage is important to highlight especially for Black Girl children, although this is not limited to them only, because every one of us can benefit from her work. With her dream of wanting to become a Medical Doctor, Stacy hopes to keep on using writing as a medium through which her imagination can be expanded further. She will be speaking at #JoziBookFair2016 Children’s Programme on Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th, 10H00 and 10H30 respectively. To find out more about her work and where she may be speaking in the future, do check out her Facebook account or alternatively follow updates on her website,

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