a0f3f606de42467296e0baa0f20eedba UCT students vowed on Thursday afternoon to shut down the university over dissatisfaction with #FeesMustFall-related disciplinary action. A few hundred students moved through lecture halls to remove students. They were set to end up at Bremner building on middle campus to hand over demands for vice-chancellor Max Price. A deadline of 48 hours was given. "In those 48 hours, there will be no university operation," they said over a loudspeaker. "The shutdown starts now." They earlier held a mass meeting calling for suspended, interdicted and expelled students to be allowed to return immediately. A disciplinary tribunal was held for three students on Thursday morning. The university said it had instituted action against a very small number of students accused of assault, intimidation, arson and vandalism during the protests earlier this year. It said the tribunal process should not be interfered with and needed to be completed. Earlier this year two students were expelled after a plea-bargaining process. "They are appealing the sanction and so the final outcome is not yet determined,"  the university said. It said it had an interdict in place against three students. "The interdict was applied for and granted by a judge on the grounds that this was necessary to protect the campus community and property. This is subject to an appeal to be heard in the Supreme Court of Appeal on 29 September 2016." Source: News24