vacation Everybody needs a holidays sometimes. Especially after a tough year of tests, exams and assignments. You’ve earned a break from student life once the academic year is over. It’ll give you time to unwind, destress and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Of course, vacations are expensive and you’re most likely living on a tight budget. Plus, at the end of the year, the tourists flood in and prices go up. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. There are ways to holiday without spending your entire savings. Here are some suggestions.   Keep an eye out for specials Even during the festive season, there are always specials. Sometimes places realise they haven’t completely filled up and offer a discount at the last minute. Follow tourism companies, airlines and hotels on social media so you’ll know immediately if they’re running a special. You may be surprised how much money you could save simply by finding the right deal at the right time.    Go on a road trip Road tripping your good friends is always fun. Even though petrol is expensive, it’s often cheaper than flying if you all contribute to the costs. Pick a fun destination or just head out on the road and see where it takes you. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have a decent car to drive in. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your old vehicle, now is the time to go shopping for used cars in Gauteng. Take advantage of free accommodation If you have family or friends who have a holiday house, ask them if you can use it for a few days. You may have to pay something but it most likely won’t be much. Alternatively, if you’re travelling overseas or to another city, see if you can stay with people you know. Just make sure you’re a good guest and don’t overstay your welcome. Choose a less popular destination Unfortunately, December and January are popular months for travel. That means places hike up their prices and become booked quickly. So, why not choose somewhere a little off the beaten track? Just because it’s not a popular destination does not mean it’s not a great place to spend your vacation, especially if you’re with the right people. Go camping Most campsites aren’t too expensive. You pay a certain amount per a night, set up your tent and you’re sorted. Plus, there’s no chance of going to expensive restaurants or paying for cabs, so you save on that too. Image: Pexels