No internet Everybody has experienced that terrifying moment when your Wi-Fi won’t connect or your data has run out. It’s not a nice situation to be in. You can’t access your study notes in Google Docs, can’t do any research online and, worst of all, can’t scroll through your social media accounts. It feels like there’s very little you can do. But, let’s be real, there’s loads you can do without internet access. After all, people did live without it for millennia. Here are some things you can enjoy when you don’t have the option of going online.   Get off the couch and out the house This is something people often say they want to do, but don’t actually do. If the weather is good, make an effort to go for a hike, run, bicycle ride or something equally as active. The fresh air will do your brain and body some good. Build up a sweat and clear your head. There is no downside. Just remember to stretch beforehand. Catch up on books and series Okay, so chances are you haven’t missed much on the series front. You’ve probably seen all the latest episodes of your favourite show. But, if you haven’t, then now is the time. You could also pick up some books and get reading. It’s likely you spend so much time studying that you haven’t picked up a book in a while for fun. So, get some recommendations and get started on that reading list.   Redecorate your bedroom Whether you live in res or digs, you probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom. After a while, it can start to look a bit boring. So, why not give your room a bit of a makeover while you’re unable to access the internet? If you don’t have the budget for new things, that’s okay. You can simply move things around. Get your workstation in order Desks can get a bit messy over time. With notes lying around and textbooks everywhere, your organised chaos can become a bit less organised. While you have some time on your hands, make your workstation a little neater. It’ll be a lot easier to study human resource management courses when you know where everything is. Catch up with friends IRL When you have your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, you feel like you see them everyday. You can go through their pics online, so you don’t forget what they look like. But, here’s a new idea, why not make an effort to see them in person? You’ll be surprised how much information people don’t share on social media. Image: Pexels