Following the protest action that erupted the University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN) , Wits Fees Must Fall is set to meet on Friday, September 8th, during lunch time in an effort to find ways through which solidarity can be extended to the UKZN students. In an email sent to those who form part of the WitsFMF mailing list, the movement has reiterated the call for demilitarization of institutions of higher learning and the need to continue the fight against rape culture prevalent in South Africa.

Below is the email communication calling every Wits  student to show solidarity to the UKZN students

Protests have been unfolding for a period of more than two weeks at UKZN, for several reasons, one of which is our collective goal, the attainment of Free Education. 
"The reaction and response by the larger public to these protests have been unsurprisingly distasteful, and ours too, as a historical white institution, is deafening and discouraging to their cause. 
A conversation about the militarization of our institutions through the use of private security, the presence of the South African Police Force, also known as the SAPS, has been initiated once at our own institution, to which we were slammed not only with a permanent interdict, but also suspensions and expulsions of our comrades. 
We also cannot have the conversation about the violence inflicted on black bodies by security and police forces without insisting on talking about the treatment, and disregard of womxn's bodies in spaces they rightfully belong to. A comrade at UKZN was raped a few days ago by a police officer, one who is still allowed to enter and access campus, and also continue with the order of his life without any repercussions for his actions. 
This is a call for solidarity action with the womxn of UKZN, just as we did with the womxn of UCKAR, to further reiterate that the war on womxn's bodies needs to be stopped. Universities need to stop protecting their fragile colonial possessions at the expense of our lives. 
THESE UNIVERSITIES ALSO BELONG TO US AS BLACK WOMXN, and our safety should be prioritized. 
We will be having a meeting this coming Friday (tomorrow) to discuss our solidarity action with UKZN. The details are as follows: 
Date: 09 September 2016
Time: 13:00
Venue: Solomon Mahlangu Concourse
Amandal! "
Besides the call to show solidarity towards the UKZN's protesting students, social media platform, twitter has been abuzz with a number of uses arguing that South African media and students from Universities such as Wits and the University of Cape Town (UCT) have classicist  tendencies, this is manifested through their selectivity when coming to which events are regarded important enough to cover or pledge solidarity towards.
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