trainingGetting healthy and staying that way is super difficult. Especially when you’re busy. When you’re a student you have about 30 hours worth of going to class, completing assignments and studying for tests to cram into every 24 hour day. No wonder you’re struggling to be healthy and lose those last couple kilograms you picked up over the winter. Keeping healthy and making it a priority takes a lot of work, but don’t let that put you off. There are so many rewards to having a healthy lifestyle you’ll do better in class, sleep well and be in a more positive mood. And who wouldn’t want that? Another plus is that being healthy and active will make you an excellent candidate when you’re applying for cover from medical insurance companies in a couple years. Here are some tips to incorporating healthy activities into your days. Walk around during the day Walking is one of the best forms of exercise out there. If you spend all day in lecture halls and studying at your desk, you need to plan to take walking breaks. Try going for a five minute walk every hour. Luckily you’re probably already walking between classes. So try and be conscious of when you’re sitting for extended periods of time and get walking. Get enough sleep We all love sleeping. It’s literally one of the best things ever. But it’s also incredibly healthy. This is when your body repairs itself and rests so you’re ready to face the new day. Young people get a lot of flack for sleeping often, but the reality is your body needs more time to recuperate while you’re young and still growing. A good night’s sleep boosts your mood and your productivity the next day. And you obviously want that. Have fun cooking It can be difficult to eat healthy. But it doesn’t have to be if you have some fun with it. Once a week, sit down and plan what you’re going to eat for the next few days. Head to the grocery store and find everything you need. Once you’re home, prepare your meals for the next week. This’ll make eating and snacking effortless when you’re grabbing already prepared meals from the fridge. Get active for more than an hour each week You should be doing about 75 minutes of intense exercise every week, the kind of working out where you’re sweating and really moving your body. This could mean a game of soccer once a week, 15 minute runs every weekday or lifting weights for 25 minutes three times a week. Whatever you choose and no matter how busy you are, it’s essential that you get that activity into every week. The benefits will far outweigh the initial headache of fitting exercise into your already busy life. Being busy can be exhausting. But you’re young and energetic. So being busy is not an excuse to let your health not be a priority. Image: Pexels