night-dark-halloween-horror-largeHalloween is on the way and it’s time to start planning. If you’re a fan of the creepily-themed day, then what better way to celebrate that throwing a party? Of course, you’ve got to one up the party your friends threw last year. But how do you do that? Well, here are some quick tips to get you started. Give people time You’re a student and, chances are, so are all your friends. You all have tests to prepare for, assignments to complete and (let’s not forget) those terrifying exams coming up shortly. Give people notice so they can sort out their work for their business training courses and be prepared to party. Plan it for the weekend This year, Halloween falls on a Monday. And that’s inconvenient. Although you probably want to celebrate on the actual day, you’re going to have to plan it a few days early if you want people to actually show up. Guest list only Yes, house parties are great and the more the merrier. But this time try to limit the amount of people. When any old random can pitch up at your party, things get broken and stolen. Instead, start a Facebook group of all the people you want there and say they have to ask before bringing a guest. You want to be surrounded by the best people and not strangers you’ve never met. It’s all about the decorations Obviously, you have to dress up your digs to suit the theme. Stock up on fake blood, plastic spiders and gooey eyeballs. If you have time, cut out creepy pictures and stick them on the walls. You shouldn’t leave the decorations until the last minute as it’s probably the most important party of the event. The scarier the better. Have snacks You don’t want people throwing up all over your place and passing out in your bedroom. And that’s why snacks are mandatory. If people drink too much too quickly on an empty stomach, there will be problems. You don’t have to create fancy platters, chips and popcorn will do.   Make a creepy punch You’re not made of money and people should bring their own booze. But it’s always a good idea to have a punch to get the party started. Use bottom shelf liquor, some cheap juice concentrate, add some jelly babies and you’re sorted. Of course, to go with the day, cover the container with handprints made with fake blood and chuck some plastic eyeballs in for good measure.     Image: Pexels