deskThere are two types of people in the world. Those who have messy desks and those who have clean desks. There’s nothing wrong with either of these types. “A person with a messy work space may just be very busy and engaged with their work — and a little bit less with cleaning their office,” says clinical psychologist Scott Bea. “For some people, a lack of clutter reduces tension. I think the cleanliness or messiness of our desks or offices often says something overall about how people deal with stress and reduce tension.” A clean desk may reduce tension for some people as staring at clutter stresses them. “If clutter doesn’t bother a person, and they have a big deadline to focus on, they’re more likely to dive into the project without worrying about the neatness of their desk. “In the end, you want your mind to feel uncluttered. That’s what makes a difference — more than what is actually on your desk,” he says. That’s until messy goes into dirty desk territory. If that’s the case, here are some tips for you. Make time for a weekly clean up This could be at the end of the week on a Friday afternoon or at the beginning of the week on a Monday morning. Either way, you’ll be starting your week on a clean, fresh note with an uncluttered desk. Only keep things on your desk that you use every day There’s no point keeping that piece of paper you only reach for once a month on your desk. Pack away everything which you aren’t using daily into your desk drawers. In this way, everything you need often is always within reach. Keep personal belongings to a minimum Yes, you love your family and pets. But don’t cover your desk area with photos and mementos of them, as it sends the message that you’d rather be at home than at work. Keep two trays on your desk The two trays are for daily use and weekly use. In this way you’ll know where to find the papers and other items you use often and the ones you don’t use quite as often. Another idea is to use one tray for your regular work and another for the customer service management courses you’re completing. Label things to avoid confusion Add some labels or post-its to your belongings to clearly mark what your desk items are for. You'll save time rifling through papers and other belongings looking for that one piece of paper from that meeting or conference you attended last month. Stay off social media Social media is the ultimate distraction. It not only distracts you from your work but also from the important task of cleaning your desk. If you don’t have the self control to stay off social media yourself, think about installing a extension on your browser to block access to these sites.