pexels-photo-185478-largeHalloween is on its way and it’s time to start thinking about your outfit. It’s the one night a year where you get to dress up as whatever you want – the scarier, the better. But, of course, you probably don’t have the funds to go all out and purchase or rent a full costume. Those things are expensive. So, here are some simple costume ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg. And they’re even more terrifying than that corporate finance assignment you’ve been putting off for the past month.   Ragdoll This may sound like a difficult costume but it’s quite easy. Let’s start with the clothing. Think of the kind of dress a doll would wear (a doll, not a barbie). If you don’t have anything like that, then an ordinary black dress will do. Now it’s time for the hair. If you’ve got long hair, you’re in luck. If not, you’ll have to buy or borrow a wig from someone. Plait your hair in pigtails and then shake your head around so they look a little messed up. As for makeup, you’re going to be using a lot of black. Firstly, make your eyes as dark as you can with mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. Then take black eyeliner and draw stitching around the edges of your face. For emphasis, add stitching on your cheek so it looks like a cut has been repaired. Zombie Yes, zombies are pretty over right now. But, if you need a last minute costume idea and have limited budget, a zombie is the answer. Take some old clothes and get ripping. Make sure it’s something you never plan to wear again. If you’re not afraid of a bit of dirt, get some mud from outside and rub it on your arms and clothes (and even your face if you’re feeling adventurous). Then grab some makeup and baby powder and make your face as pale as possible. If you’ve got some fake blood, put some on your hands and around your mouth. Murdered prom king/queen For this one you need to have a dress or a suit you’re willing to get a bit of fake blood on. You also need a plastic crown or a tiara (these are pretty cheap at toy stores). Get all dressed up with the right shoes, makeup and jewellery. Then start destroying your outfit. Mess up your hair and put fake blood all over your head so it looks like you have an injury. Take some water and smudge your makeup and put some leaves in your hair. You can’t go wrong with these horrifying costumes and they won’t cost you much at all, it just depends what you have lying around.   Image: Pexels