journalIt can be so easy going through life without thinking too thoughtfully about what you’re really doing. Just going through the motions is how we tend to find ourselves on a regular basis. Choosing on a whim to go car shopping and deciding to buy a used Nissan or a new Toyota without really knowing all the information you need. But sometimes it’s important to be a little more thoughtful and intentional about how we’re living. Here’s why. You’ll learn to accept your past We all have a story. We have all come from a difficult place. But it’s important to let those past experiences go and truly forgive what’s happened. Only then are we able to move forward with our lives. You’ll learn to be content with your present We’re not all where we want to be right now. You might be stuck studying something you’re not too sure about. You might be grappling about changing your major. You might be applying for internships and jobs, while feeling discouraged about the slow pace of responses. You need to accept that this is your present. You need to do everything you can and make your best effort. But there’s no point in becoming disheartened with your life now. You just need to continue to work toward your future. You’ll learn to be optimistic about your future You deserve to have the best possible life. You are destined for great things, provided you put in the work and make the effort. By living more thoughtfully, you can begin to picture what you want from your future. Make a list of what you see and the things you hope for. Studies have found that goals are more achievable if they’ve been written down, so take this extra step in making your dreams a reality. You’re going to need to picture the main areas of your life – health, relationships, money, career, recreation and spiritual development. Decide what you want in each of those areas. Make a note of where you are in each of those right now. Figure out how you’re going to get from point A to point B. Set long term and short term goals which align with those overarching larger goals and implement habits to help you achieve them. Repeat these steps on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and you’ll soon be well on your way to living a successful, thoughtful life which gets you where you want to be. Image: Pexels