coins-currency-investment-insurance-large The holidays are coming up and everyone is grateful for that fact. It’s time to ditch the exam stress, take naps during the day and have some serious fun. But there’s one problem: you’ll probably need cash in order to do that. And that means getting a holiday job. Having a holiday jobs may seem like trading study sessions for work hours and giving up on the relaxing vacation you deserve. But having a job during this time is actually a great way to make money and meet some interesting people. So, here are some tips on how to balance work and fun, whether you’re a shop assistant or tutoring first years who are taking marketing courses part time.    Find a job with hours that let you have a social life Even though you need to work, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a social life as well. You deserve it after being cooped up in the library for the past three months. So, find a job that gives you some flexibility so you can still hang out with your friends and family. Make sure it’s close to home You don’t want to waste hours of your life (and petrol) travelling to and from a job. That’s why you should find somewhere to work close to home. It means that you can finish work at 5pm, go home and shower and go out with friends at 6pm. Always show up on time Treat your boss with respect even though they won’t be your boss for long. Arriving late shows that you simply don’t care about your job. You don’t want to act like a careless brat. Besides being simply rude, word will spread that you’re a bad employee. Keep a detailed schedule of when you’re working This is not only to help you be better at your job. This is to help you know when you have time to meet up with your friends or relax at home. You’ll want to be able to RSVP to parties and not be the person who has to cancel at the last minute because they forget they had to work.   Don’t party late the night before Going out the night before you need to be at work early is a terrible idea. You’ll spend the whole night thinking about how you have to get up early and the next day feeling awful. It’s simply not worth it. Rather party when you can sleep in the next morning. Lastly, do your best Always do your best, no matter what you’re doing. A holiday job is still a job and you’re getting paid for it. So be grateful. Image: Pexels