cycling-bicycle-riding-sport-38296-large So, holidays are coming up and you couldn’t be more excited. You finally get to relax after a hectic exam period and give your brain a well-deserved break. You can’t wait to see your family and friends without having to cut time short because you have to get back to the books. Holidays are the best, especially the one that end off the year. The thing is, when you’re trying to relax and get all that stress out of your system, you may forget how important it is to keep fit. Holidays mean you eat a lot of delicious food and spend a large amount of time on the couch. That’s why it’s more important than ever that you exercise. Here are seven ways to make sure that happens.   Wake up early Don’t oversleep. That’ll only leave you feeling over tired and lethargic all day. Rather wake up early, even if you don’t have plans until later in the day. If you can, go for a quick walk. After that you’ll be wide awake. Pick up a sport Holidays are about having fun and playing sports with friends is a great way to spend a day. You don’t have to be competitive, just hold a friendly match. You’ll get a workout without thinking about it. And if you win, you’ll have bragging rights as well.   Start hiking If you live in a mountainous area, hiking is great for getting some exercise during the holiday. Call up some friends or family members and invite them to join you for a hike. This way you can catch up with everyone while working up a sweat. Walk instead of driving If you need to go to the shops down the road, don’t drive. Walking may take a little longer but it’s a great way to incorporate exercise into your day by simply changing one small thing. Take up cycling It doesn’t matter if you haven’t ridden a bicycle since you were a child, it won’t be hard to pick it up again. Start cycling on an old bicycle or borrow one, but once you get serious you can go shopping for mountain bikes for sale. Join a gym If you’re paying for the gym out of your own pocket, you’re unlikely to skip a workout. It’s a place you can go where you know you can exercise without interruption. Do yoga After completing a difficult year, you obviously need to unwind. What better way to relax than with yoga?