pexels-photo-70292-large Searching for a job is difficult and when you first start out, you’ll probably make quite a few mistakes. You’ll do something wrong at least once when applying for a job, so wrong in fact that it will seem like you never wanted the job in the first place. So, here are nine things to do if you don’t want the job you’re applying for. Don’t check the grammar on your application Send out a sloppy email with a CV filled with spelling errors. Employers hate that. It comes across as if you really don’t care about getting the job and don’t want to put any real effort into it. Leave gaps in your CV Purposefully leave out information on your CV. If you can’t remember where you interned last year, don’t bother filling it in. And nobody cares what you did between graduating and applying for your first job. Don’t reply to any kind of communication After applying, don’t check your email. You want a potential employer to wait until you have the time to read what they have to say. And if they call, tell them you’ll phone them back in five minutes and then wait a day. Address your application to “sir/madame” Why bother learning the name of the person you’re applying to? You want to make it clear that this is just another boring application for you. You don’t want them to feel special, now do you? Repeatedly message or call a potential employer Once you’ve sent in your application, follow it up with a phone call. Then an email. Then another phone call. And if they still haven’t contacted you for an interview, why not show up at their offices?   Have unrealistic salary expectations When you go in for an interview, be ready to tell them how much money you want. And make it a large number. After all, you got really good results in your sales and marketing courses and therefore you should be able to afford a house with your first salary. Know nothing about the job or company Don’t do any research. If you can, get the name of the company slightly wrong. Even better, get confused in the interview and talk about that other job you applied for.   Tell them you don’t know what you want When they ask you why you want to work there, say you don’t know. Say you need money and it looks like an okay thing to do with your life. Be cocky Treat ‘em mean to keep ‘em keen. They need you more than you need them. In fact, you’re far too good for them. They’d be lucky to get you.   Image: Pexels