pexels-photo-large-2 You’re going to eventually graduate and start your first real job. You’re going to go through the strenuous application phase, sit through countless interviews and eventually find your place at a company. But that’s not where the difficulty ends. You’ve also got to fit into the culture at your new job. Because you’re fresh out of university, you’ll probably find that most of your colleagues are quite a bit older than you. This may make it difficult to make allies on the first day. But you’ll find that if you follow these tips, it could be a lot easier than you think. Ask for help You don’t have to ask how to turn on a computer, you already know how to do that and it’ll make you seem pretty dumb. However, you could ask where the bathroom or coffee machine are. Those are things you probably don’t already know. Remember people’s names Of course, it’s not always easy to remember everyone’s name, especially when you’re meeting a whole bunch of new people. However, you should pay extra attention and try your best to remember the names of the people you work directly with.   Learn about their lives Ask questions. Whether you’re sitting around waiting for a meeting to start or in the queue for the coffee machine, strike up conversation. When you ask about people’s lives, it makes them think you care about them and they’ll respond positively.    Be aware of the language you use If the majority of your office is over the age of 35, try to avoid using millennial slang. They may have heard it before or seen it around but it’s likely they don’t appreciate it like your friends do. Yes, even if you’re doing it ironically. Don’t pretend you know more than you do When you first start out it may be difficult to join in conversations. They already have their topics and they all know each other. You may be tempted to just fake it until you make it. But if you try to discuss something complicated, like offshore investments, they’ll know you’re pretending. Mostly, just be pleasant Smile at people, wave at people, ask people about their weekend plans. That’s how you make friends. Just be a generally nice person and your colleagues will want to get to know you. Image: Pexels