marketing-board-strategy Nowadays, business needs marketing. It’s pivotal to a company’s success no matter the industry in which it operates. The right marketing strategy will see one company rise above their competitors and monopolise their target market. With this in mind, many students understand this and therefore decide to studying marketing. However, marketing courses and degrees are also simply very popular. Similar to the likes of a Bachelor of Arts degree, it’s a course or degree you can take which’ll give you a good grounding to enter the business world. Therefore when you don’t know what to study you can study that. It’s like a failsafe that’ll ensure you’re successful one day when you finally know what you’d like to do. But, there are some legitimate reasons for studying marketing. Here’s why you definitely need to study marketing. You want to understand how business works Marketing courses cover a variety of topics prevalent to the business world. It’ll delve into topics such as psychology, economics, business communications, copywriting, digital marketing and marketing management to name a few. These subjects offer you a keen overview of all areas of business. You are unsure of what industry you’d like to pursue your career in Marketing is a diverse field of work. Once you’ve completed your studies you might find yourself joining a company as part of an internal marketing team or you might join an advertising or digital marketing agency. Both possibilities open up a world of choice to you. Especially when working in an agency environment you’ll find you’re exposed to all different sectors from retail to the finance world to the mining industry. You want a foundation on which you can grow your skillset A marketing degree or diploma is an excellent foundation qualification from which you can branch off into various different fields. Many copywriters, designers, social media strategists, new business development managers and client service individuals began their careers with a marketing qualification. Often times you’ll find many project managers and sales directors began their careers with a marketing qualification too and through working as a marketer they found opportunities that have pointed them in the right career direction. You want a career that will always be necessary But you don’t want to be a doctor. Marketing will always be necessary in business. It’s a crucial component to a company’s success. It’s the method by which a company communicates its value proposition, its quality and its competitive edge. Without marketing, a company is unlikely to achieve success and a marketing department will always need a skilled, creative and resourceful individual to manage it. What’s more, marketing qualifications don’t have an expiry date and, when you need to know something new or an industry trend, you can easily complete a short course or attend a certified seminar on that particular subject matter.