villageStudying seems like a full-time job. There are non-stop lectures, tests and exams to get through. After all that is complete, you want to collapse. The last thing you want to do during the few short hours of holiday and weekend time is work. You feel like you deserve to have some time off. Some time without any responsibility, to just have some fun and relax. But it is important that you do work, for many reasons. An example is volunteer work which can be an excellent opportunity to travel the world, meet new people and gain valuable experience while studying. Don’t hesitate, do some research and find out whether there are job opportunities available for Doctors Without Borders, or another similar charity, volunteers in your area. Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why you need to seriously think about volunteering while you’re studying. You can actually help people It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing when you have the opportunity to help people. No job is too big or too small. You might be serving meals, building homes or teaching in schools and either way, your volunteering can have a real impact on people’s lives. You’ll be able to see the difference you're making to the lives of the people in the area where you’re working. That might even inspire you to do even more. You’ll gain real-life experience After you graduate, you’ll soon see that every job you apply for calls for applicants with experience. But how are you supposed to get experience if no one will give a job to someone without experience? This can be a real problem for students. And that’s where volunteering comes in. you’ll be able to get experience in your chosen field, or as close to it as possible, and get some real insight into the real workings of the industry. You may decide that you hate it. It may even result in you changing directions. Or, hopefully, you may fall in love with it and realise you made the right choice. It’ll look good on your CV When you apply for jobs once you finish studying, your future employers will admire you for going out and finding volunteer work. They’ll respect your work ethic and willingness to gain experience, even without pay. They’ll see that you have the practical experience to get the job done and you’ll have shown that you’re willing to work hard. It’s a win-win for you and your future employer. You’ll meet some new people The reality is that there’s no such thing as a bad connection. You never know, the person you sit next to on the bus ride to your volunteer base may end up being a future colleague or even boss. Every person you meet is a chance for you to extend your reach in your chosen field. You may end up meeting some incredibly influential people in your chosen career. You might have the opportunity to transition from volunteer to full-time Who knows, if you do a great job while you’re volunteering and make a good impression on those in charge, they may offer you a job once you graduate. These are the types of opportunities you need to make the most of while you’re there. Never turn down an opportunity to spend time with and impress the people you’re working with there. You never know what might happen. You’ll have the chance to learn about yourself and the world Volunteering is a life-changing experience. While you’re there it’s important that you gain some life experience and learn about living in the real world. This is especially essential before you start working full-time. You’ll be exposed to people you’ve never interacted with before and places you’ve never dreamed of travelling. You’ll experience things about the world which you’ve never imagined. All of that makes you a more well-rounded, mature worker. That means you’ll be able to deal with every situation which is thrown at you. And that makes you a real asset in the workplace. Every person responsible for hiring new staff will see the benefit of having someone like that in their team. If nothing else, you'll have more to talk about your upcoming job interviews that your classmates who are spending their weekends watching TV and their holidays at the beach. Image: Pexels