Free stock photo of person, train, traveling, travelling Back when the spring semester was coming to an end and the stress of finals overtook your life, all you did was anticipate the freedom of summer. Now that summer has finally arrived and you’ve all gotten over the initial shock of no longer having due dates and homework, things can sometimes get kind of boring. Being varsity students, most of you don’t have lots of money to spend on eating out every day, vacationing every other week or shopping every chance you get. Those forms of summer entertainment aren’t always accessible to you. But don’t worry, here are seven fun things to do that don’t involve a lot of money. Get in shape with a friend Most people are more likely to stick to an exercise plan if they have a friend with them, so start exercising with your bestie. Even if you just walk and talk to your friend for a half hour every day, you can burn lots of calories while you enjoy the summer sun. Having a gym buddy will help you measure your goals. Challenging yourself to workout harder can be tough. But when you’re working out with friends, it’s easier to take on one general fitness challenge as a group and tailor it to your personal fitness levels. Whether you’re all pushing for one more mile or one less doughnut, having a support system makes a big difference. Pretend you’re a tourist in your hometown There are times when we have the urge to travel and see the world and our bank account just sits back and laughs at our dreams. We’ve all been there. There’s just something about seeing a new city that fills us with so much curiosity, joy and wonder. But think about this for a second: have you seen your hometown properly, like a tourist would? Have you seen everything what the place you’ve always called your home has to offer? Every city and almost every town has something that people go there to visit, yet most of the locals never do those things. They are usually inexpensive or even free and you can find out about them on your city or state’s website. Teach yourself about a different culture Read books or research online about different countries and cultures. You may not get to take your dream vacation right now, but you can learn about the places you’d love to travel to and be more prepared when you actually get to travel there. It’s always interesting to learn about those who are different from you. There’s nothing wrong with doing something just because it’s interesting. A little extra knowledge never hurt anyone and it’s probably more useful and edifying than watching another mindless TV show. Take a summer course There are a lot of courses you can take during the summer season. From kayaking, watercraft and sailing to rya radio courses – there’s a variety to choose from. Be it your dream to sail around the world, charter a yacht in the beautiful Mediterranean, start a career in the super yachting industry or simply just learn to sail. Go to local music shows Beat the summer blues with a few drinks and a sunset backdrop at a summer concert. Help to keep your city’s music scene alive by attending shows put on by local musicians. Local music shows are usually cheap to attend. And your money goes to supporting the bands from your hometown. Learn a new hobby Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t think you could? Summer might provide the free time you need to pick up something new. Perhaps you can learn to play a musical instrument or even try a new art form like photography or knitting. Hobbies often provide a creative outlet you might not get in your everyday life. They allow you to do something that’s just for you, that can help you forget your daily problems, unwind after a hard day and give you a lot of pleasure. If you can find like-minded people in your area, and an outdoor pursuit can also be a great way to meet new people and experience new adventures. Find a craft project Arts and crafts projects can take the time and patience you don’t have during the school year but they’re perfect for summertime. From knitting and crocheting, through paper and clay craft, to soap and candle making, ideas for craft projects are endless. If you’re good at drawing or painting, choose something that involves decorating, like making cards or charcoal drawings. If you find that working in three dimensions and modeling things with your hands is what makes you tick, then go for clay or soap projects.