Everyone wants to get the best gifts. Yet, this means that someone has to be the one giving these. Instead of merely hoping for this to happen, we should try be the amazing Santa everyone wants in their lives. To that end, let’s consider how to be the best gift giver this Christmas season.

1. Start early

. Sometimes the best gifts require plenty of planning to acquire, since they might need to come from overseas or are in short supply and so on. To get the best gift, start planning early – we all know that we want to have a gift by Christmas, we know when Christmas is, so we can plan properly. It’s smart to begin looking for the gift as early as possible.

2. Start listening

The best way to know what someone wants is to listen to what they say. Sometimes, they’ll let slip precisely what they need. Their circumstances might be that they currently can’t afford it. Otherwise, learn their interests, loves, hobbies – keep track of what they frequently acquire or what they’re missing. In this way, we can make a perfect gift by getting the missing items they’ve been craving.

3. Not about us

The most important part about buying a gift for someone else is removing ourselves from the equation. We are not the one receiving the gift, so we shouldn’t judge it by our standards. What might mean a lot to someone else might mean nothing to us – this is why it’s important to listen, as we noted. This means we base our decisions on what others say, not on our own choices. For example, someone might be in need of  new bathroom sets, but we might think nothing of what’s in our bathroom. Think broader when it comes to gifts for others.

4. Be appropriate

We must understand where we stand with others. The gifts we buy for friends will not be the gifts we get for colleagues. We have established, deeper friendships and then work relationships. It will be embarrassing and inappropriate to give gifts across both spheres. Using these methods, we should be able to become the best gift givers this Christmas season.