Person Wearing Blue Black Jacket Standing Near Gray Bookshelf It’s that time again. Summer’s finally over and classes are about to commence. You’ve received that welcoming letter, SMS or email from the university with your new subjects and class timetable included. Excited? Well, you should be. Especially if you’re in your first year. You’re about to embark on a new journey in your life. Meeting new friends in a whole new environment. Some things might get you a bit anxious, nervous and confused. But that’s all part of the process. You’re not alone. There’s nothing to stress about. There are a lot of other things that’ll get you excited about varsity. Like your orientation day – the day where you’ll meet the rest of the first years and your fellow classmates. That’s the time and place to make friends. This’ll probably be one of the busiest times of your year with preparing and getting everything ready. From getting your necessary stationery to giving your wardrobe a whole new look. Keep in mind that academics is still your first priority. Therefore, as a first year, it’s best to get yourself a tutor or mentor that’ll help you along the way. They’ll motivate you and give you a few insights on how your course will be. They’re usually second or third year and are studying the same course you’ll be studying. Here are a few benefits of being tutored in your first year. Improve self-confidence If you want to do well at varsity and succeed in whatever you’re planning to do, you need to have self-confidence. You need to trust your abilities and the decisions you’re making. There’ll be times when you’ll be fighting with your studies which will lead to a low self-esteem. That’s all normal. However, you need to be positive to turn that around. If you're performing less than what you’re expected, it might make you feel you’re wasting your time. Having a mentor who’ll tutor you along the way will bring you out of your comfort zone. You must feel comfortable to ask questions in class if you’re unsure of what’s being discussed. Maybe some of the other students are confused as well. Give your self-esteem a boost when needed. Stay away from all negativity that you come across and never accept failure. Understand your course better Your tutor has gone through this process already. They know what’s expected of you and how things are done. Take their word on it. If you’re perhaps studying IT and don’t exactly know what an information technology course is, then they'll help. There are situations where students don’t know anything about the course that they’re taking as it was chosen by their parents, it sounded easy or it was their second or third option. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s always best to ask and do your research. Understanding what your course is about and what’s expected of you will make studying easier. You’ll have a firm knowledge and background. You’re young and still have the time to change courses if necessary. However, after guidance and leadership from a mentor, you might not even think about that. Learn to take responsibility You’ll soon learn that you make the final decisions and choices regarding your studies. Start taking responsibility for what you’re achieving in university. This is varsity, you can’t blame your fellow classmates or parents’ if you’re messing up. Take control of your life and start to act like a grown-up. With the help of a tutor, you’ll realise your personal development. Your mentor has gone through the same process and knows what needs to be done in order to prosper. As your marks improve, you’ll soon realise the amount of effort and time you’re putting in. That’ll keep you motivated and ensure that you continue working hard. Your commitment and dedication towards your studies will make you see and understand the importance of improving yourself. Having a go-to person The idea of having someone that you can go to whenever needed is amazing. You can tell this person anything related to your studies. Your relationship will grow in such a way that you’ll look up to them. You’ll respect them. Having someone that’s willing to take you under their wing is an advantage. There are many students who have to cope without one. You’re privileged. This is someone that’s goal-driven and willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed with your studies. Your first year at varsity will be an experience of a lifetime. Make sure to join a few societies and consider playing a sport. That way you’ll make friends and it’s a great break from studies. Make your varsity years as memorable as possible.