Students are invited to apply for the current bursary. Are you currently a first-year University students for the 2017 academic year? The bursary is restricted to full-time study and attendance at an accredited University (not a University of Technology) and is eligible to individuals from historically disadvantaged societal groups or individuals with disabilities whose parents / guardians are residents within the Saldanha Bay Municipal Area. The following must be attached to the application (failure to provide all required documents in this section will disqualify your application) Certified copies of: – Applicants’ ID; – Parents’/ Guardians’ ID; – Proof of Parents’/ Guardians’ salary advise, pay-slip or 3 months bank statement (if unemployed); – Grade 11 Results and also September Grade 12 results; – University provisional acceptance letter (to be sent as soon as received); – Copies of ID documents of persons dependent on family income; – Affidavit of guardianship (if not staying with parents); and – Proof of address of Parent or Guardian. In your own handwriting on a separate sheet of paper write an essay on: Firstly – What motivates you studying towards an Accounting field; and Secondly – Why do you believe you should be awarded the bursary. (Note that the essay must not exceed 1 000 words.) REQUIREMENTS: 1. Only candidates whom have been accepted at a university (not University of Technology) or pending acceptance will be evaluated; 2. Candidates must be accepted to study towards a Bachelors’ degree with financial accounting as a major course; 3. Only students with Mathematics will be considered, NO MATHS LITERACY. 4. Only candidates with an average mark of 65% or higher will be considered; or candidates with an average mark of 60% or higher, with a Mathematics mark of 70% or higher. 5. Successful candidates will be required to enter into an agreement with Saldanha Bay Municipality whereby they will be obligated to enroll into the internship program at the municipality after successful completion of their studies. 6. Preference will be given to candidates whose parents reside within the Municipality’s municipal area, affording partiality to individuals from historically disadvantaged societal groups and/or are individuals with disabilities, to succeed in Higher Education Institutions. Applicants who intend to study in the following field and whom have been accepted by a University will be considered: Studying towards a Bachelor’s degree with Financial Accounting as a major subject. Closing Date: 31 January 2017 APPLY HERE