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Extramural activities are important to students for several reasons that go beyond having something to put on a university application. Being part of a sports team is good for learning accountability, dedication and leadership among many other traits. Putting it all together by playing a sport is a winning combination.

When it comes to playing sports in university, there is a wide range of benefits to consider. It offers many personal, social and health advantages. It also includes development of esteem and team skills and better overall fitness. Physical exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit. Students who are part of university sports programs are more active and physically fit. They also gain a sense of pride in their university that might later be reflected through an improved academic performance.

Here are a few benefits of playing sports in university.

Get in shape

Getting in shape after time away from doing any sports activities can be difficult, even for the most eager new athletes. If you don’t already have an exercising schedule, start by creating one. You should schedule workout times during the week to help you stick with it. You can decide whether you want to exercise before class or later in the day before dinner. Ask your coach or fellow team members for advice when setting up your schedule. Also, it’ll be wise to keep an exercise log. Write down how long you work out and what activity you did. That way you can keep track of the different activities you did. It’s sometimes easy to slip back into old habits once you move into the off-season. Stay fit by attending a summer or winter conditioning program or stay connected with teammates.

Get your gear in order

If it’s your first time playing a sport or perhaps you moved to a different team, you might have to ask your coach if you’re not sure what it is that you need. New equipment can be pricey so think about using some secondhand gear if it’s necessary. For instance, if you perhaps joining a cycling team there are affordable bicycles and gear available from Chris Willemse Cycles. Equipment for other sports is available at local sports shops. But if you’re buying secondhand gear, make sure it’s still safe to use. If you’re a returning player already owning a sports gear, take out your equipment and make sure it still fits and work.

Attend a sports camp

Many universities offer various sports camps during the off-season. Sports camps can help new and experienced players brush up on skills before the season starts. These camps are usually hosted by professional players or coaches. Most of these sessions include drill sessions that help to improve your skills. Attending a sports camp will give you the opportunity to stay fit while having fun. Also, a competitive sports environment allowing you to receive individual focus and improving your skills is a great way to give your confidence a boost. If camps aren't your thing, organising a group of people to play over the weekend might be another option to practice.

Set goals for yourself

Before your season starts, consider setting a few realistic goals. Perhaps there is a specific skill you want to improve, getting in shape or just want to make the team. It can be any goal as long as it’s achievable. It should be goals you can control. Write down your goals and discuss it with your coach or parents. They might help and support you with it. If you reach your goals, set some new goals for the next season. It doesn’t have to be a heavy list, just having one or two can be a great motivator.

Don’t train alone

It might sound convenient to train alone but you can progress much faster with a coach or team members. If you’re not one for sports camps, you can gather your friends and train together. There are numerous benefits if you train with your coach or team members, including observation of proper technique in training, having a specific training program and understanding strategies involved in a specific sport. Doing a sport is a tool that brings people from different backgrounds together and therefore you shouldn’t train alone. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to make new friends. Fighting for a common goal with a host of other players will teach you to build a collective team activity.

Watching your hard work pay off and achieving your goals brings a lot of self-confidence. Achieve great results by preparing yourself for any kind of sport during the off-season. It’s also important to eat nutrient dense foods that will aid in the repair of your body’s cells as well as fuel an active lifestyle.