Crowded People in Front of Stage during Night Time

Whether you’re a music fanatic or not, everyone should get to experience their favourite musicians live. Attending a concert with your loved ones is so much better than listening to them on your phone or radio. No matter your age, concerts never get old. Whether it’s your first time attending a concert or your twentieth, make sure you’re ready for a fun time.

The weather is still great for an outdoor concert or sports event. Going to a concert can be incredibly fun but it can also be an unsafe environment. Learning how to be safe will ensure that you have a great experience. It would be ideal if you or someone you know has seen a show at the specific venue before. The venue is one of the best indicators of what type of show it’ll be. You’ll also know the type of people that will be there.

Outdoors events and concerts can often get crowded and at times you might find yourself right in the thick of it. Wherever there are dense crowds there’s potential for a disaster.  However it is often safer to attend concerts in indoor arenas and venues where there are clearly demarcated entry and exit points.

Here are a few tips how you can keep yourself safe at a concert.

Research the venue

Ask people who attended this venue before how they found it. Ask whether it felt safe to them and if they would go back there. If you want to know what type of show it’ll be, what the atmosphere will be like and what kind of people there will be, then the venue might be your answer. For instance, if only over eighteens are allowed then you can assume that alcohol will be served at the venue.

If you haven’t heard about the venue before or just want to know what it looks like, do a quick Google search. It should give you a decent idea of what it’s like. Check out whether the entrances at the venue are patrolled by security and have turnstile gates in place for security measures.

Attend the concert in a group

Sometimes, going alone is the only option. But if you have a friend or two who’d like to join you then go together. It’s always better and safer to attend concerts in a group of two or more. Also, you can make amazing memories if you have someone to share the experience with. And, not only will you be safer, but you’ll almost certainly have more fun too. If you’re in a group then you’re unlikely to be harassed and, if things do turn ugly, you have greater support with friends to help you out.

Leave all valuable items at home

Muggings and pickpocketing are common petty thefts reported at concerts. So only take the bare necessities, such as your phone and enough money to buy food and water. Perhaps one of you in the group can bring a backpack along where all your phones and money can be stored in. And, if you’re bringing a backpack then don’t put it down but rather keep it on your person. If you travel by car, rather leave all your belongings in your vehicle. You can take a walk to the car if you need money. If that’s not an option, then it might be best to leave valuable items at home. Chances of theft happening at concerts are high. And it’s also easy to misplace something of value. Keep the valuables that you do bring with you close to you at all times.

Avoid the mosh pit

While jamming to your favourite musician's tunes you can easily find yourself sucked into a mosh pit. This is all fun and games but can be a dangerous space too. It can sometimes be tempting to get as close to the performers as you can. However, you should consider if it’s really worth the risk of being in such a raucous crowd. The crowd will get fuller and jampacked as you’re moving closer to the stage. In the mosh pit, everyone wants to move forward. There will be a lot of pushing and possible injuries. You should try and find an area where not much moshing is happening, though that can be difficult. If you’re not succeeding in that, push your way through or go with the crowd. If you get anxious in large crowds then the mosh pit is definitely not the place for you.

It’s important to stay on guard throughout the concert. Watch out for all the hazards that you’ve evaluated. Most importantly, enjoy it. Concerts are meant to be a time to relax with good music and make great memories.