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The second term of the academic year is about to start and now might be the time to move closer to university. This can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time as it might be your first time out of your parents’ home.

The university experience doesn’t always involve being shacked up in a tiny dorm room. Depending on your personal situation, you might find that dorm room living is simply not conducive to your lifestyle. This is particularly true for students who are married or have a family. It’s understandable if you desire more privacy than what a dorm can provide. Whatever the reason may be, there are many other students who are looking for alternatives to dorm living.

Choosing where you will live is one of the biggest decisions you should make before embarking on your new journey. Living near campus in one of the university’s student flats has its advantages. And because dorm room living isn’t for everyone and this might be the perfect option for you.

Here are a few advantages of renting a flat near campus.

There won’t be a long commute

As a student living a short distance from campus, it’s easy to get into the “roll out of bed and go” routine. Even if you wake up a few minutes before class starts, you can easily put on some clothes, brush your hair and teeth and run across campus to your class. Living off campus, on the other hand, doesn’t allow for quite as much last-minute luxury. You’ll have a longer commute to university whether you’re driving or making use of public transport. And if you’re driving, you will need to find parking on campus or if you’re using the bus you’ll need to account for the slightly longer walk from the bus stop every day.

Renting a student flat near campus is a good idea and smart option. The commute will be easier if there’s less distance between where you live and campus. If you live within a walkable distance to class, it’ll take a lot of the hassle out of making your way there. And you’ll be more likely to attend classes.

Take advantage of your campus

Once you move closer to campus, it’s easy to show up for class and come and go as you like. Most campuses have the best study spots and usually have big spaces to study. When you live close to campus, you can study until late in the library or take part in a study group. If you’re into exercising, you’ll be near the campus recreation centre and other facilities.

Get an on-campus job

You can easily get a job while living on campus. When commuting, you might not have enough time to do a part-time job. This is appealing to many students. You can get a job that helps you with your studies, one where you can make friends and make extra cash. The advantage of living close to campus is that it’s easier for you to get hold of a job. The campus itself might offer part-time jobs. For instance, you can help out in the library or work in a coffee shop on campus. It’ll especially count in your favour if you take a position that requires you to be at work very early. Living near campus will definitely make your life easier. Your life will become simplified and you’ll have a short commute to both class and work.

You have your own space

Unlike living in a dorm room and by their rules, you’ll have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can decorate your flat according to your own personality and style. You can decide on the type of furniture you want for your flat, such as lounge suites, cupboards, study desk, kitchen appliances and more. There won’t be a specific time for lights out as in dorm rooms. And you can have friends over whenever you want to. If you have a roommate, then you should discuss things like decor and furniture with each other. Living on your own will teach you to be independent and responsible.

Live around other students

Renting a flat close to campus means you’ll most likely be living surrounded by fellow students. It’ll be noisy sometimes because of the energetic spirit among young individuals. It’s no different from the dorms but you won’t have to worry about having cranky older neighbours. It’s basically like living in a dorm room but just with all the added benefits.

Deciding to rent a flat near campus is a good transitional step between living in the dorms and living on your own. And the advantages of staying on your own are likely to beat out the disadvantages.