Judging from the way “Squad Goals” have been trending on social media, one could say they are mediocre consequently choosing not to aspire to them. Have you always felt like you are such a brilliant man/woman surrounded by mediocrities? Squad goals are entirely dependent on the members of the squad- ranging from desiring to look like celebrities, desiring to accomplish luxurious lifestyles, aspiring to getting married at a certain age or falling pregnant at the same time. A lot of young people develop their personal goals based on their friends and that results to them loosing the true essence of who they are as individuals and the true essence of life and living to their full potential. “ Living is not this tawdry, mediocre, disciplined thing which we call our existence. Living is something entirely different; it is abundantly rich, timelessly changing and as long as we don’t understand that eternal movement, our lives are bound to have very little meaning” Jiddu Krishnamurti. What happened to having goals that are so big to an extend that they scare you whenever you visualise them? Believing that you were destined to be GREAT and creating your own reality, envisioning a future of unbounded possibilities/opportunities and believing that there’s something magnificent within you. Personal goals should precede squad goals-as much as we connect as friends, we are different and our realities are different. Don’t demean yourself by virtue of your friends’ goals- travel the world and expose yourself to various opportunities, don’t be mediocre... 1. Getting married before I turn 30  Did Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhimes get married before 30? NO, so why should I or anybody conform to society’s norms? My major goal is to become the most successful woman in SA and that has nothing to do with marriage. Tell me about networking and engaging in endeavours that will enable me to attain my maximum potential or anything that can lead me to ‘this’ major goal. 2. Getting a job after graduating Why not become a successful entrepreneur? Steve Jobs did not graduate and getting the degree does not mean that you have to work for someone else- it is a way of attaining intellectual growth. There is no fascination in conforming to a certain life that is already set for you. That’s the corporate world - 9-5 in the office – You commit yourself and work hard to make a living yet you don’t even have time to enjoy that life. You could invest all the energy in your own company and work wherever you are and live the way you want to. 3. Going on blind dates when you are single I hate how you are forced to interact with your blind date, simply because your friends feel like you have been alone far too long. That awkward moment when you are on a date and the conversation is too boring or when you run out of things to say to each other and you cannot do anything but stare at the plate. The next thing, he/she asks for your pictures...going through all of this because all your friends are in relationships, imagine. 4. Taking our children to the same school  Don’t you think this is tedious though? Yes we are friends, we connect and we understand each other but we are still different individuals. Apart from me having to still decide to have kids- we don’t envision the same future for our children. 5. Being ‘on fleek’ 24hrs, 365days There is a just a lot to focus on in life than simply getting dolled up every day. There’s nothing wrong with having bad hair days- it’s life, sometimes we have to experience bad days so that we can learn to appreciate the good once and being expected to have everything together every day is simply ridiculous. by Adelaide Nkoane