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The mid-year holidays have finally arrived. It’s a time to have fun, relax and unwind, right? For example, attending winter parties or having a hot chocolate date at your local coffee shop. But the holiday is also a time to catch up on your studies. This is especially true for the June holidays as you still have two more terms left for the year. However, it can be extremely difficult to motivate yourself to study.

You can’t think about anything else but food, parties and sleeping late. It might be tempting to not put any real effort towards coursework during the holiday, but once you’re back at campus, it’ll be almost time for final exams. So, you have to push yourself to get some work done. It’ll be difficult to find time to revise but you have to do it.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated while studying during the winter holiday.

Study with friends

Holidays are all about having fun and visiting friends. So why not take advantage of that time to study? Form a study group. Studying with your friends, when done right, can have a lot of benefits compared to studying alone. Doing this at least once a week will work. When studying with someone you’re likely to have a better understanding of the coursework. And if you don't understand something, someone else might be able to help you. You’ll have more engaged discussions. When you’re studying, you’re likely to be frustrated because of the amount of work. But studying with other people can keep those frustrations at bay.

Check your course timeline

If you want to stay on track of things during the holiday, then you should check out your course schedule for the next term. Take a look at it regularly to make sure you don’t fall behind. The timeline was designed to help and assist you, so make use of it. It’s always best to plan ahead to ensure you cover everything.

Eliminate distractions

Unfortunately, you’ll get distracted. After all, it’s the holidays and many students are at home around this time. But you should try to stay away from distracting areas. Some of the biggest distractors are your computer and mobile phone. So it’s best to put those things away and out of sight. But if you’re, for instance, doing an information technology or computer course, you’ll need your computer. So if that’s the case, you need to discipline yourself not to use your computer for any things than studying.

Set study goals

It’s holiday, so it’s important for you to establish reasonable and achievable goals for every study session. You shouldn’t look at your studies as an impossible mission, you’ll end up not doing anything. If you set realistic study goals, you’ll be able to track your progress through bigger tasks. Set big or small goals, depending on what you’re studying. An example of a small goal would be to work through one chapter. And a bigger one might be to have studied two subjects before the end of the week. Setting these goals before every study session can act as some kind of motivation. It’s best to refer to your course schedule to set these realistic goals.

What are your long-term goals?

If you haven’t yet, you should set yourself long-term goals. And it’s important to always remind yourself of these goals. If you know exactly what you want to establish and know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’ll already be enough motivation. Whenever you’re lazy or feel you’re not in the mood to study, think about these goals and what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Take breaks

It won’t help to study for hours without taking a break. You’ll lose interest and motivation to continue studying. This can’t be stressed enough. When you feel you need a break, stop and take one. But be realistic about this, you can’t take a two-hour break if you’ve only studied for an hour. It’s best to take a 10-minute break at the end of each hour. So that means you’ll be studying for 50 minutes, take a break and continue. You don’t want to burn yourself out. And it’s important to do something physical during your break. Go for a walk or play with your dog. It’ll wake up your brain and keep you more alert.

Reward yourself

Studying during the holiday takes hard work, perseverance and dedication. And if you’re able to do it, reward yourself. After all, you deserve it. Everytime you’ve accomplished something, reward yourself. And knowing what you’re going to reward yourself with will motivate you to persevere in finishing your tasks.

Just do it and once you’re in the study habit, it’ll be an easy process. You’ll also feel a lot better if you get a few things done during the holiday.