Car insurance offers many more benefits than just cover for your wheels. Here are 4 good ones.  
  1. It’s a friend to rely on
With car insurance you can also get roadside assistance in the form of a tow-truck to rescue you if you get stuck. This spares you from the headache of having to call friends (and curse them if they’re not available to assist you). It’s always better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. So, it's no use complaining about being stranded in the dark when you can simply turn the light on by getting insured.    
  1. It’s affordable
The biggest mistake you’ll ever make, and one that many car owners before you have made, is to pay more than necessary for car insurance. Here’s a little secret: King Price is the only insurer (in the world, most likely) that decreases your car premium monthly as the value of your car drops every month. Why only ever pay more to insure something that’s always worth less? Think about it!    
  1. You get custom-made rescue
Not only do most car insurers offer roadside assistance, in case you need to be rescued, some also offer a chauffeur service that’ll get you and your car home safely in times when you really shouldn’t be driving. (You know when I mean.) More than this though, a good insurer won’t only insure your car. Good insurers (like King Price) also offer cover for the handbag that’s in your car, and all the valuables that are in your bag, as well as your possessions that you keep at home. (And they’ll cover your home, too.) King Price also allows you to choose some valuables to insure for R1 monthly if you have comprehensive car cover with them. So, you could insure your bike, Apple Watch, Nikon camera, golf clubs or hearing aid for just R1 each month! And no, that’s not a typo!    
  1. Long-term gain
Most people dread car insurance. I mean, why pay for a ‘what if something happens scenario’? Well, having car insurance means you’re being proactive instead of reactive, and the honest truth is that, with over 10 million cars on South Africa’s roads, it pays to be prepared for the worst. If you’re lucky, maybe you will never need insurance. But, if you’re human, plan for the worst and expect the best, to avoid disappointment. The trick is to ensure you’re not paying more for your car insurance than you need to.