With the world ever-evolving into a digital and internet-based space, it’s time to consider taking your education online. There are numerous advantages to distance learning and studying online, a few of which will now be listed.


Studying online means you can do anything from sales and marketing courses online, to a full on psychology degree – honours, masters and all – online. There are so many options to what you can study and, generally, online education establishments offer more types of qualifications as the ability to provide these courses is easier than in physical universities or colleges.

Obviously, the reach of online learning can be limited by practical degrees such as Emergency Medical Care for example, but occasionally they are able to include a practical element to your course whereby you may be required to attend a lecture once in awhile. Some online institutions even provide physical lectures and presentations that you can choose to attend or not. If you thought your options and student experience would be limited by online learning, think again.


One of the greatest benefits of studying online is the aspect of affordability. Besides saving costs in transport and student accommodation, you will find that most programs will cost you a lot less than traditional tertiary institutions. And the best part is, even though your studies aren’t costing you an arm and a leg (which you would otherwise need to walk to different classes at normal varsity establishments), you will still end up with a certified and accredited qualification.

On the topic of affordability, it is also important to keep an eye out for course promotions that certain online academies offer… not to mention the free online courses that are available.


Another fantastic benefit of studying online is that of flexibility. You are essentially studying in your own time. You should have assignment deadlines and your examination timetable as soon as you are registered and can then create your own study schedule to make sure you finish everything on time while continuing to live your life. You have the freedom to look for a job and start gathering work experience or, if you already have a job and are studying to increase your career opportunities, there will be no reason for you to resign in order to do so.

This is probably one of the main reasons why, adults especially, choose to study online. Your traditional college or university cannot always accommodate your everyday duties and responsibilities and you are forced to either put your life on hold or sacrifice your opportunity to continue learning.


Choosing your study environment is more of a bonus than a benefit. It means you can ensure you’re comfortable and not distracted by campus parties – political and social parties alike. This could prove disadvantageous if you have a procrastinating nature and find that your bedroom, comfortable as it may be, is just going to keep you distracted from your studies. But, then again, you have the choice, essentially the responsibility, of deciding where you want to study. Libraries and coffee shops are popular places to go study. But if you only manage to get your study hours in at night, find a spot in your house or flat where you aren't surrounded by technology or soft fluffy pillows.


Self-responsibility is something you’re going to learn along with your chosen course’s material. Not having a lecturer there in person to keep you in check with what’s-due-when, you will be forced to stay on top of your work. There are no excuses for late work, save for serious events that would need proof of your circumstance. With all the material and resources available and provided to you, all that you have to do is study and get through your work in time to complete an assignment or take an exam.

This is also something you can then use in a job interview. Potential employers are likely to ask you if you consider yourself as having time management skills, being able to stick to deadlines, or being responsible. And with the experience of studying online, where you alone are fully responsible for your work and effort, you can say, “Why yes, yes I am”.


When you study online, you are virtually introduced to other students who are studying the same qualification as you. You will find people who are in close vicinity to you, students that are staying in different areas around the country and even internationally located students. This means you have the opportunity to connect and form physical study groups as well as virtual study groups online and connect with the experiences and suggestions of a diversity of fellow students.