Sex with a Mature Woman: Do's and Don'ts

If you think that seduction is something that works only with young girls, you’re wrong. In fact, it doesn’t matter what’s the age difference between a man and his partner, especially today, when cougars and MILFs became so popular in popular culture. But pleasing an experienced woman in bed can be a real challenge, as their expectations are usually pretty high. That’s why sex with a mature Russian woman, for example, will be different from one with a young girl. So we put together a small list of do’s and don’ts to help you understand how to give both you and your mature partner unforgettable pleasure. What to do in bed with a mature woman

Show that you’re ready to please her When seducing an older woman, getting straight to business is not the best idea. Sure, you may have to show that the word “no” simply doesn’t exist for you when conquering the lady, in bed, you shouldn’t be so assertive. Play with her erogenous zone; be sure to give her a lot of kisses. In other words, make her believe that you want to give her as much pleasure as possible. Take the initiative

Be a leader and find the right rhythm. Although you should be the one who takes the initiative, let your mature partner’s experience guide you a bit. This is a perfect opportunity to learn a couple of tips and tricks that may come in handy when seducing younger girls. Be ready to experiment

In bed with a mature woman, you should be open to something new. Most experienced ladies are fed up with standard positions and same tricks men use to arouse them, so they are more than ready to try new ones. That’s why you need to stay active and energetic. Don’t forget to switch positions; show that you know how to make a lady happy. Try toys and unusual approaches to fulfill her desires and fantasies. Become the best lover in her life. Talk about sex

Sex is not only a physical contact but also a great topic for discussion. Those ladies, who have some experience, love taking about sex; it brings them pleasure, arousing sexual desire. That’s why they want a partner who will be ready to have a chat about sex without any taboos. What not to do in bed with an older woman

Do not hesitate

Such attributes of a romantic evening as creating the right atmosphere, cooking a delicious dinner, socializing, and kissing are necessary for having a great time, but all this shouldn’t last too long. Mature women don’t like men who force them to wait. After all, it’s an older woman you’re getting into bed, not some college girl. She knows what you both want. Instead of delaying the moment, it's better to make everything as fast and smooth as possible. Do not try to impress too much

Many guys try to impress their partners by choosing weird positions or looking for new “hot spots” on their body. It works, but in order to achieve the desired effect, passion should be involved. If there are no passion and real feelings, no tricks will help. The main tip on what to do in bed with a mature woman is about natural behavior. Don’t suppress your desires and instincts. An experienced lover immediately recognizes when someone’s playing with her. A guy, who behaves naturally in bed, is able to conquer any woman. Don’t get distracted by all those rules of seduction. Do not be shy

Guys, who behave stiffly, simply can’t arouse a mature woman. In bed, there should be no rules and clichés. Even if you’re a bit shy about your body, you don’t need to hide it under the blanket. The sight of nude male body arouses all women without exception. Also, don’t try to restrain yourself, being embarrassed by your feelings. If you want to bite her ear, do this, but don’t hurt her, of course. If you want to know how to behave in bed with a mature lady, just get rid of your complexes. An intimate relationship is all about reacting to the impulses of your partner. You just need to understand what she likes.