Wait. What? Why would anyone want to have stress in their lives? Well for a few reasons it turns out. Stress has its benefits, believe it or not, and if you know how to productively handle it when it comes your way, you can own stress.

Embrace the creativity and opportunity

Stressful times are creative times. You find yourself in a position to learn, adapt and create a solution to relieve the stress and get the necessary task done. No one knows what the future holds and that is stressful, but it’s a good kind of stress. One where we can use the stress-energy to take those risks and opportunities that have potential to change our lives, boost our careers, or get us through that fear of the unknown.

In the flurry of stress, you react quickly and are likely to make the most of impulse opportunities that arise from your quick reactions. Don’t be afraid of it, seize it.

Time to prioritise

Stress, if harnessed correctly, can bring clarity to an overwhelmed mind. Take a moment to breathe, write out everything you’re stressing about and prioritise. Prioritise based on due dates, professional importance and only then personal importance. Time is your first filter and then you bring in degrees of importance based on the contextual relevance of work or home.

This will calm you down and provide a direction on where to begin taking on tasks and reducing the stress-load.

Turn to positivity

Stress doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It builds up and we generally know it’s coming and try our best to suppress it by distracting ourselves (which just increases the amount of stress we eventually experience). When these stress signals start popping up, embrace them and start mentally preparing yourself for what would, otherwise, be an overwhelming experience. And you prepare yourself by turning to a positive mindset.

A positive mindset is motivated, creative and confident. It can rationally take the stress as it presents itself and act on it with clarity and a sense of knowing that it’s only temporary and will be over soon.

The mind is extremely powerful and, in everything, we have a choice on how we choose to experience life. Life tip 101: always turn to positivity.

It’s all about the perspective

So, with the positive mindset, stress allows for new perspectives to be revealed to the stress-ridden human. Just like it brings creativity and quick thinking, stress can be used as an encourager to approach a situation differently – with a new set of eyes.

You may realise that there’s been a simpler, easier or more effective way of filing reports. An activity that has been stressing you out every month since you started this job. All you need to do is use that stress as a lens to find a new and creative solution.

Call in a team

Stress is the perfect excuse to call out for support and put a team together if you need one. Collaboration through stress, if everyone knows how to manipulate stress to their advantage, is a room full of quick thinkers, creativity boomers, new perspectives and positive vibes. This will also be an opportunity for you to learn how other people problem-solve and use stress to get results.

Collaboration, generally, leads to success. And success is how you overcome stress. Once you’ve made the most of it, that is.

Hit the books

Stress helps us to focus and be productive by releasing all the necessary chemicals into our body. Use that to hit the books for your hr management courses coming up or to research the topic for your next keynote presentation at work.

Use stress to enhance your intelligence, which will, ultimately, if you really think about it, prepare you even further and lessen the stress response for the next time.

Decode stress

To save yourself from completing losing your mind over stress, when you start experiencing stress signals, take a moment to decode why you’re feeling stressed. It’s important to understand where the stress is coming from if you want to truly be able to use it and master the art of healthily stressing.

Figure out what your general patterns of behaviour are when you are in stress mode and how you respond to stress in general. Keep all of that in mind when you want to start cultivating positivity, creativity, perspective, collaboration and focus. Decoding stress is where clarity and calm come in, despite the stress you’re experiencing, and it’s the place from where you use stress to your advantage.

It’s time to say yes to the stress.