It seems to be becoming more and more common these days. And not just in popular culture. In real life. IRL. Dating older men seems to be more common than ever. In fact, we hardly bat an eye when a friend tells us about an older man she’s dating. A man that’s significantly older than she is. And we can definitely credit Hollywood for making this seem more mainstream. But now that’s it’s happening more and more, now that people in your life are doing exactly that, maybe it’s time you considered doing it. After all, you may just be missing out.
He has had some life experiences
Let’s face it, young men don’t have much to talk about. Maybe they’ll talk about their jobs, college classes or the parties they went to last weekend. But they haven't really lived. Young men haven't held a job for the long-term, don’t have a career and don’t yet have aspirations for their future. They haven’t travelled overseas, much less lived or worked there. And, to be honest, all of that makes them pretty boring conversationalists.
He knows how to look after himself
An older man knows how to clean his clothes and his home. He knows how to cook a delicious meal and exactly which wine to pair with it. He knows how to take care of his body and probably has a better skincare routine that you do. This is a man who knows what’s important – caring for himself and that means he’ll do the same for you.
He has his own place
An older man is very unlikely to be living with roommates. And he definitely isn’t going to be living with his parents. That means more privacy for the two of you, more time for the two of you to spend weekends together without interruption and, importantly, more naked days.
He knows his way around between the sheets
Which brings us to the next very important point. This is a man who’s had some experience. He knows what he’s doing in bed (and other exciting places) and knows exactly what to do to please a woman. That means he won’t be shy to whip out his favourite sex toys for some extra x-rated fun.
He got over being jealous
An older man is one who’s comfortable with his masculinity and sexuality. He knows why you’re together and isn’t worried about your male college friends or colleagues. This is a man who got over being jealous a long time ago. After all, why be jealous of them, when he can have fun with you?
He won’t be nervous about meeting your parents
And he’ll probably get along well with them. After all, he is probably a little bit closer in age to them and likely has loads in common with them. An older man has met many parents during his life. He knows exactly how to charm your mom and bond with your dad. In fact, he’ll probably show up at their house with her favourite flowers and full of stories about your dad’s favourite teams.
He has his own friends, job, hobbies and LIFE
This is a big one. This means he won’t be needy or clingy. He’ll let you enjoy your own friends, job, hobbies and life. He won’t mind when you have to work late. He’ll encourage you to go out with the girls. And he won’t care when you spend every Saturday morning at the gym and every Sunday working on your side hustle. Because, you know what, he probably has a football game to watch or a guy’s night that he needs to get to.