If you are wondering what to study after matric, or are looking to boost your current career, you should consider taking a training course in business administration. The skills you learn during these courses will equip you with abilities that can transfer into any number of roles, from office administration to human resources. The benefits of taking a business admin training course include showing ambition to current employees, opening career doors for those looking for work and many more, as outlined below.

A world of opportunities awaits

Taking business administration courses will give you access to a wide range of options and career opportunities. This will allow you to decide on what area or industry you are interested in working in, and could even create a new passion for a certain industry in students who are unsure. You could find work in industries including retail, medical, education, IT, advertising, marketing, mining, legal and more. If you have the required skills for an administrative position and show the right personal qualities, the opportunities for employment are endless.

You will be in demand

Having above average computer skills, organisational skills and the ability to work under pressure are all characteristics of a successful business administrator. Taking a course will equip you with these skills, making you an in-demand employee. You will have little trouble finding a job that excites and challenges you with these high-demand skills. There will be positions such as personal assistants, office managers and more available to you because of your skills, and if you keep honing these skills you can grow your career significantly.

You will find more flexibility

In the administrative industry, there are often a variety of roles to choose from, both part-time and full-time. This is especially useful if you are looking to study further while working at the same time. Temp positions can offer you opportunities to test out office culture before looking for a permanent job. By testing out positions at different companies, you will find an industry and company culture that suits you best. Contract positions may turn into permanent positions once you have found a job that makes you tick, and your skill set will be flawless by the time you settle into a serious role.

Your communication skills will improve

Having strong business communication skills is vital for anyone working in a professional office space. By taking a business admin training course, you will learn how to communicate effectively both internally and externally, increasing the demand for your talents. Communication is not confined to the office. Being able to clearly voice your opinions, concerns and views to colleagues and friends is important for personal growth. Business communication involves a lot of thought and consideration, and being able to clearly and effectively put a message across is a skill that is needed in the administrative industry.

You will be able to function in an office environment

A business admin training course will prepare you for life in an office environment. Being able to function in an adult and professional manner in a corporate setting is vital for being successful in an administrative role. You may be tasked with dealing with irate colleagues or clients, and will need to respond in a manner that is professional and suitable for an office environment. Because you will most likely spend the majority of your career in a corporate office environment, you will need to be able to understand the nuances of office life.

Your organisational skills will improve

Working in office and business administration means having to be meticulously organised all the time. On a training course, you will learn how to accurately and efficiently organise files (both digital and physical), messages and meeting notes in a system that is conducive to smooth office functioning. Organisational skills are transferable to almost every aspect of life, including time management and even paying bills. Becoming a more organised person will reflect positively on your resume when you apply for positions too. Time management skills are highly sought after in office, and these skills can be improved by proper organisational skills.

There are networking possibilities

Attending courses, whether day long or semester-long, will introduce you to new people. These courses give you a chance to network with people in different industries, which could help you to decide on one that suits you the best. Networking can also help with business or employment opportunities. You may meet someone who has a job opening in business administration, and because they have met you at a course, they know you are a dedicated and ambitious individual. Having contacts to hand for certain situations will make your job easier and more efficient.

Final verdict

Taking a course in business administration has numerous benefits, and is the stepping stone to a solid career. Education is vital to keeping ahead in your industry and offers an enriching and fulfilling experience to both new Matriculants and working professionals alike.