Having a certification of any kind can help to create more career opportunities. You will find that the NQF Level 3 is ideal for those who are looking for management roles in their current company or for those who want to start a career in management. You will find that it opens up a lot of windows of opportunity for other sectors too, as outlined below.


Bookkeeping is one of the many jobs an NQF Level 3 diploma can offer you. As a bookkeeper, you are responsible for maintaining accurate records of the business’s transactions. This is done by establishing accounts, posting transactions and ensuring that all legal compliance is followed.
The position of bookkeeper requires  sound financial knowledge and an analytical mind, both of which can be enhanced with an NQF Level 3 course. You will need to know how to develop successful systems, define policies and procedures as well a manage and balance all financial ledgers. This can seema difficult task but is often a rewarding position.

Business analyst

A business analyst has a primary objective of helping their company or clients to implement solutions in a cost-effective manner. This is done by analysing data, trends, information and transmitting this in a clear and concise report. These reports can help companies make difficult business decisions.
As a business analyst, you will need to look carefully at the requirements of a project or programme and see what changes can be made to improve the cost of the project. You will need to be able to analyse data very carefully, plan and monitor projects with ease and translate and simplify requirements for clients when necessary.

Office manager

All offices need an office manager to ensure the smooth running of the business. This role puts you at the forefront of the office, as you are responsible for recruiting the office staff, controlling the daily functioning of the office, staff motivation and other similar tasks.
Being an office manager puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but with an NQF Level 3 certification under your belt, you will be able to handle it. One of the most important roles of an office manager is making sure the correct discipline protocols are followed in order to ensure that your colleagues are not breaking company policies.

Health and safety officer

The role of a health and safety officer is to ensure that the workplace is a safe and secure place for employees. You are responsible for developing, implementing and improving the health and safety plans of the company, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and conducting safety inspections and risk assessments.
This is a full-time role and is vital to the functioning of any company. In order to be appointed as a health and safety officer, you will need to have relevant qualifications, which an NQF Level 3 can provide for you. You will learn about the HIV/AIDS procedures to be taken in companies where injuries are possible, how to investigate an incident and how to put together an accurate report for insurance companies.

Business communications officer

A business communications officer is responsible for a company’s communication with the media, customers, journalists and with clients. Your role is to advise other employees and managers on communication tasks, using both written and verbal reports. You will be tasked with creating the product and corporate communication materials.
The business communications officer will need to have an analytical mind and the ability to write clearly and concisely. Your role will include researching the attitudes and reactions of the target audience, advising the management team based on these findings and setting up press releases with the media if necessary. It can be a fun and rewarding position for those who enjoy dealing with the press and have a flair for well-written reports.  

Final thoughts

Whether you are currently employed or are looking for work, having an NQF Level 3 qualification is the first step towards bettering your career.  Furthering your education can open many doors and will allow you to broaden your career possibilities. Whether you are interested in becoming a manager or feel as though communication is key, you will be able to find your niche and grow in it.