The student life isn’t always the most glamorous of lives. Yes, it’s exciting, fun, full of new personal discoveries with a little bit of education on the side, but it’s also one of low income, most of the time. Don’t be disheartened, you can still live the student life and have nice things. Or, at least, a nice looking student flat for the Wednesday and Friday night vibes.

Call a flat meeting and decide on one thing that can be bought and added to each room or area of the flat. One item per room and your student flat can look and feel completely revamped. To make it fair, divide the cost amongst all flat members (each responsible for their own bedrooms) and ask your parents very nicely for any contributions or start tutoring for some extra cash.

This article has done all the research for you on which things you can do for each room that will completely transform it. All you need to do is decide on one item per room and then hit the stores to get it.

Let’s start with the bedroom, shall we?


As a student, most of your time is spent in your bedroom (when not in lectures or at house parties) so you kind of need your room to look interesting. A few things you can do to revamp your bedroom and get you as excited about it as you were when you first moved in, are:

Bedding sets: Think about it. When you’re in your bedroom, what do you use the most? Your bed, of course. The bed is there for the three S’s: series, studying and sleeping. And what are the chances that you’re still sitting with your bedding set from back home, or a just a plain spread? By buying a new bedding set, your entire room will change because the focal point will stand out when you walk in.
Floating shelves: If you’re content with your bedspread, then you could always decide to buy a floating shelf to put up in your room. These don’t only give a room an effortlessly modern and sleek look, but it’s an extra storage unit that can remove clutter from your desk and other areas of the room. Ideally, you can use the floating shelf to display art and decorative items which will also help with the revamping of the room.
Fairy lights: And if you’re really broke and are just looking for a quick-fix then fairy lights are your best bet. Affordable, easy to install and very quickly transforms your room from “hobbit hole” to “magic meadow”.


Moving on to the communal bathroom. Because you, your flatmates and guests make use of this room, you owe it to everyone to spruce it up a little.

Bathroom set: It’s as simple as having a shower and toilet mat… and possibly a toilet seat cover to match. It will give off the impression of a well-looked after bathroom and decrease the annoying water spots your socks seem to find everytime you walk in after someone has showered. So, it won’t only revamp your bathroom’s look, but it will cause less conflict amongst the flat dwellers.
Hand towels: Something as small as having a hand towel to dry your hands with can change your bathroom experience entirely. It’s quite awkward when you wash your hands and all you can find are damp bath-towels lying around. Add a bit of class and get a darn hand towel.
Storage: If you really want to revamp your bathroom, get rid of the clutter and invest in some storage goodies. A caddy for the shower products, boxes for the grooming and beauty products and a basket for the toilet paper. No, you shouldn’t be keeping your toilet paper in the original plastic and placed just next to the toilet. Not if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, anyway.


A kitchen is a tough one because, chances are, your options for redecorated are limited by the contract you’ve signed. If you can get away with it though, buy some patterned tiles or if you’re creative, paint your own and place them on the wall. Not too many, just a short row or three above the stove.

If that’s not an option, then you can consider decorating your fridge doors with photographs and fridge magnets. If you have a collage happening on the fridge it will definitely spark conversation and stand out from the rest of the, rather dull, kitchen.

Dining area or lounge

Seeing as the dining and living area are, generally, interchangeable when it comes to student flats, we’ve put these areas into one category. And what you can buy to revamp this area includes:

Statement lamp: Light is always a good thing to have around the flat and what better way to do it (and revamp a room at the same time) than by placing a statement, standing, lamp in the room? These give a modern studio look to a room and are unmissable in interior décor.
Rug: If you’re looking for a cosier option then it’s time to look for a rug. Patterned or fluffy are your best bets if you’re wanting to change the look of the room.
Ottomans: Or, if you want to be strategic with design, seating and storage, you can buy ottomans. These are perfect as a three-in-one that your flat will most certainly benefit from.

Don’t underestimate a proper clean

Before you do anything though, give your flat a proper clean. It will be as if you’re living in a new place already.