The Tribute hosted yesterday(21/03/2018) focused on future of the Youth,community development and helping communities understand different industries.
Human Rights Day commemorates sacrifices that accompanied the struggle referring to apartheid . So this day is the remembrance of those were involved in Sharpeville Massacre. A group of black people marched to Sharpville station to protest the pass laws (I.D) which they had to carry wherever they traveled.

The day was filled with great speakers whom answered vital question "What does Human Rights mean to them " linking that to their daily lives and how they tried to survive with obstacles faced as black person.

The first speaker Mamela Nyamza who is dancer spent lot her time and life trying to make people understand importance of dance for a black child in which the past imbalances that were led by apartheid has made black people to not know lot of things. Many did not make sense of dance and had lot of negative energy but because she was one the strongest woman she continued and is now making a difference.

Avelile Nontanda joined the stage under Entrepreneurship and was laying the importance of saving, starting your own thing, believing in your own dream and start now making it a reality. He further took the audience step by step with his failures as businessman which has inspired him to push hard. Made it clear to everyone business is sustainable investment if put your mind and time to it.

"We have lot of Graduates in South Africa without jobs, at times may not be case of job scarcity but rather unaware of how to construct a good CV which will look appealing to recruitment agencies" said Pallo Mobo who spoke about Human Resources. However, he further gave assistance to the people on how to construct a good CV and what vital things to look into when looking for employment.

Thami Mbongo shared awareness and spoke in volumes under the Arts and Culture in South Africa. "As artists we good at being social media advocates but never want to take action " he said. He further mentioned how alcohol messes our talents because the Youth focuses more on it than writing on progressive work such plays,productions etc
The last speaker of the day Bongani Magatyana whom spoke on African music shared lot of insights about how black people forgot about their roots, the beauty of music we produce in the country. In our musical activities we lack support for one another and that's what makes our African music lack in the country. He further added, the importance for parents to teach the Youth about importance of our music and not forget making living out your talent.

The event with greatest speakers and beautiful music which was given by African Harmonies, The Gentlemen's Ensemble. The guest artists Phumza Shayi,Olu Yakhe and Andile Solani also blessed the people with beautiful music from opera extracts.

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