After graduating, many people are unsure of what next step to take. You could opt to take a gap year off to recuperate after your studies or you could jump-start your career search by taking one of the many City of Cape Town municipality learnerships on offer. A learnership is a work-based learning programme which leads to an NQF qualification, allowing you to learn valuable skills that can help you to find a job afterwards. It can also lead to a job in the company that is offering the learnership. Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider a learnership after graduation.

The programmes are outcome-based

One of the major benefits of taking part in a learnership is that the programmes are outcome-based, meaning that you will receive a certificate and a qualification at the end of it. You will also improve both your technical and office skills, such as communication, interpersonal skills and time management.

The fact that learnerships available now are so outcome-focused means that you are guaranteed to have something to show for it at the end of the period. This will help you to successfully find and secure your dream job, as you will have the skills and extra qualifications to add to your CV. A learnership will also prepare you for the working world outside of the university, which is an important life-skill that every young professional needs.

The qualification is nationally recognised and meets national standards

This is a great aspect of taking part in a learnership: you will come out with a nationally recognised qualification that meets the highest national standards. This will help you to find a job in your field and will impress your potential employers too.

Having a nationally recognised certificate will help you if you move to another province or if you apply for work in a governmental sector. You will be able to show that you have the right qualifications and that you are employable in any province and in many sectors in a diverse array of industries. Your qualification will meet the highest standards and this will enable you to find the perfect job to suit your needs.

Fixed-term employment during the learnership

While you are taking part in a learnership, you are employed by the company for the duration of this period. There is no salary paid to you during this time, so employers are required to give you a stipend that covers transport, food and other small daily costs. This could be on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the length of the learnership.

The City of Cape Town municipality learnerships offer you the chance to add to your CV with a fixed-term employment contract. This will fill any employment history gaps you may have before applying to the job you want, and will increase your chances of being hired. A contract will be signed between the learner, the organisation employing the learner, and the education provider offering the theoretical training component of the learnership.

Improved job performance

Because learnerships in Cape Town are a form of vocational education, meaning that they are geared towards a specific occupation, you will come out of it with improved job performance with practical, position-relevant skills.

Having a high level of job performance will impress potential employers and show them that you have what it takes to add value to their company. You will also be able to work at a more efficient level and provide results on-time and within your employer’s budget. A learnership will also teach you about how to become more organised and effective in your role, which again will reflect well on you as a future employee.

Better employment opportunities afterwards

Once you have completed a learnership, you will find that you have better employment opportunities afterwards. You will find that having an NQF is highly beneficial in your job search, as it shows employers that you already have the necessary qualification and that you have the skills they need to run their business successfully.

When you apply for work after a learnership, you will find that a world of opportunities opens up. Having a combination of both a practical learnership and a degree from a university will allow you to find a wide array of jobs or to find one that is best suited to your needs. Employers will see you as a solid candidate as you show determination, innovation and ambition as a possible employee.

Your future is bright

Considering a learnership after you have graduated will help you in many ways. Because the programmes are outcome-based, you are guaranteed a certificate afterwards which will help you to find gainful employment easily and efficiently. The qualification is nationally recognised making it applicable in a wide range of positions, and you will also find that a learnership introduces you to working life, which will help when you are fully employed.