When you think about the perfect dorm room, you tend to immediately think of the bed layout and the bedding. Believe it or not, bedding can tell you a lot about the person who is sleeping on it. As (possibly) the biggest piece of furniture in your entire bedroom, your bed should be dressed up as the focal area of the room. From your bedding colours and theme, you will be able to set the tone for the rest of the room and incorporate new styles and art features to complement your bedding and bedroom as a whole.

Many students simply forget about the need for “nice” bedding and a fancy bedroom setup. Adding a special touch to your bedroom does not mean it needs to be expensive. You can spruce up your bedroom on a budget, easily. After all, a bedroom in any situation is where you spend the majority of your time. For example, it will be where you’ll do most of your studying, entertaining and, of course, your sleeping.

Your bedroom, if it’s clean, can significantly impact your mood and your productivity levels. If you become excited at the thought of going back to your dorm room, you know you’ve done a good job at dressing it up and making it look appealing. This, in turn, helps you to feel better about yourself and your student life.

So, if you’re shopping for the ideal bedding for your college dorm, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Don’t buy cheap

As you know, bedding can be expensive when you’re looking at a wide range that includes a duvet or comforter, pillows, a mattress protector and several sheets. While these items are costly, a good rule of thumb is to not buy your furniture or your bedding at a cheap price because it’s bound to break. Students can be rough, and poor quality items can easily be destroyed when mishandled. If anything, opt for the phrase “less is more” when looking for items. Rather have good quality bedding but less of it.

  • Protect your mattress

Bed frames and bed mattresses are expensive. These items cannot simply be replaced when you want a new one as you will need to save for quite some time before you can afford it. But, regardless of whether your dorm bed is your own or not, make sure that you take the time to invest in a mattress protector to protect your mattress from any accidental spills or dirt. Protectors are designed to soak up any moisture from the mattress, without allowing liquid to soak through. Look around for one which is made from hypoallergenic fibres to avoid any reactions if your skin is prone to sensitivity.

  • Try to avoid white bedding

On the back of the previous point, try to avoid light colours if possible. As stunning as neutral colours can look on your bed and in your room, your bed is going to become a couch and a bed in one. With limited seating place in most dorm rooms, people tend to spend time sitting, eating, studying and entertaining on their bed. Because of this, you’re going to experience plenty of spillage and staining on your bedding. And with white bedding, this could be an expensive disaster. So, for the circumstances you’re living in, try to choose darker colours for the sake of saving your bedding. Even if you’re a really neat person, you can’t control what other people do and mess on your bed so rather be safe than sorry.

  • Choose a comforter over a duvet

While your bedding options are certainly personal preferences, it is highly recommended that you choose a comforter over a duvet for your dorm bed. Comforters are far easier to set up on your bed, and they’re just as easy to change when you’re looking to spruce up your space and create a new look and feel in your dorm. Another massive perk when buying comforters for sale in South Africa is their size. These types of blankets for sale in South Africa are typically designed to hang over the sides of the bed so that you’re fully covered and warm in summer and winter. You want something that is comfortable and affordable.

They’re also extremely easy to wash. This is one of the biggest perks, especially when you’re in college and living in a dorm. You might not have the best or easiest washing conditions with limited space to hang your clothing. But, if you scale your bedding according to ease-of-use, you’ll be able to have a stylish, practical bed.


  • Buy a few sets

In college, the last thing you’ll feel like doing in between your busy study schedule is the laundry. You might not have access to a washing machine either, so naturally, your laundry is going to be delayed for a week or two. It will be worthwhile to purchase a few comforters available for sale, as well as a variety of different summer and winter sheets to keep you going until you’re able to do washing again.