As a student living in a house with a handful of other students, you will essentially come to live in your bedroom when you aren’t in class or out. You will need a bedroom that is suited to your relaxing, studying and sleeping needs. Your bedroom is your one personal space in the flat where only your opinion matters and you can do whatever you want.

And in order to create that perfect bedroom space in your, otherwise, busy student flat, you’re going to need to change a few things.

Cosy-up your bed

Let’s start with the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom: the bed. Start browsing bedding catalogues and find a bedding set with a theme that matches or creates the décor in your bedroom. You’ll likely need at least two bedding sets to alternate between, so choose the colours and patterns wisely. It’s an easy way to change the entire look of your room with hardly any effort.

Once you have your gorgeous Sienna bedding set covering your sheets, you can start accessorising your bed with throw pillows and blankets. You need to make your bed as cosy as possible so that you can induce sleep as quickly as possible. Sleep is treasured as a student and you need it in order to make it through a day of classes, to feel rested when you wake up for your 8 am lecture and to recharge your batteries after a late night study session.

When your bed is extremely comfortable and inviting, it will make falling asleep that much easier. And, as a result of that, you should never study on your bed, otherwise, you’ll struggle to be productive. Instead, you will need a designated study space in your bedroom.

A study space

If you have space for one, you need to buy yourself a desk to study at. It’s important to have a designated study area in your bedroom. Circumstances won’t always allow for the living room to be an option when your flatmates have guests over. For midnight grinds, a desk in your bedroom would be a suitable option.

In this study space, you need to make sure that your desk chair supports your back and is comfortable. You will need a desk lamp to be your source of bright light so that you won’t have to strain and damage your eyes from trying to read a textbook in poor lighting. And you will need organisers to hold your books, notepads and stationery. You need to keep it clear so that you can study in an organised manner and not find yourself distracted by the random items on your desk.  

Use wallpaper

Another element to perfect your bedroom is to use wallpaper on at least one of the walls in your room. Student budgets usually aren’t a lot, and splurging on bedroom décor isn’t always an option. But that’s why choosing a patterned and colourful wallpaper is a great way to accommodate your budget and be enough décor for your entire room at the same time.

You will only need to consider anything other than decorative items you may have brought with you from home and the patterns on your bedding set. You don’t want the room to feel too busy and it should all complement each other. And the best part about wallpaper is that you can take it down cover over them in a year’s time when you feel for a change.

Shelves for storage space

Having clutter in your room is one way to fall into a slump and ruin the perfection that you’re trying to achieve in your bedroom space. Because you only have one room for all your belongings, it’s understandable that there will be things lying around with no real place.

But that ends now. You have four walls in your bedroom where most of the wall space is available to use. Shelves will become your new best friend, as they are a great way to move clutter from the floors to walls so that they are out of the way and on display. There will no longer be a need to tiptoe around the room or aimlessly having to search personal belongings.

And shelves are perfect for smaller student bedrooms as they hardly take up any living space at all.

Extra seating

And the last thing you need to perfect your room is extra seating. Even if it’s one extra chair or your storage ottoman placed at the end of your bed. There will be evenings when you have a friend or two over and the main living area of the flat is occupied.

Your room needs to be a place where you can have private conversations and not have to ask your friend to uncomfortably sit on the bed and leave with a back problem. This also makes your room more inviting and gives you a third place to chill that’s not at your study desk or on your comfortable bed where you’re likely to fall asleep.

With all of these additions and a bit of effort to keep it clean, you will have the perfect bedroom space in your student flat.