Decorating your dorm room is one of the highlights of starting university. You can create your own private space to escape to for studying and relaxing as well as have a place for friends to hang out in after classes. But dorm decoration can be hard if you do not have any idea where to start.


If you have enough room for a sitting area, look for couch covers in Gauteng to protect your couches from stains and spills, and be sure to choose storage that has a dual purpose, such as a comfortable ottoman that can store blankets and books. Below are some top tips on the best space-saving furniture for your dorm room.

Lift your bed

One simple way to create more storage and floor space in your dorm room is to lift your bed. You can do this by using bed risers or by purchasing a bed with feet for your room. This will allow you to use under-bed storage to store winter blankets and jackets so they do not take up too much room in your (already small) cupboard.


Invest in a bed skirt to hide this extra space and make your room look neat and tidy. By creating extra space where there wasn't any, you will free up floor space for extra furniture, such as couches, chairs or a desk. You can also keep extra blankets in an easy-to-reach place for when those cold evenings hit and you need some warmth.

Stock up on storage baskets

Once you have unpacked everything, your room will likely look cramped and small. Many dorm rooms are on the small side, but, if you have enough storage baskets or boxes, you can make it look organised and create some much-needed floor space.


If you use muted, neutral colours and textured baskets, you can make your dorm room look effortlessly chic. Choose storage baskets in the same colour as your couch covers from Gauteng to give the room symmetry. Look for woven baskets and canvas bins for a high-end look rather than the usual nylon or plastic options that will not last as long.

Magical multifunctional furniture

Your dorm room will be small. And this means that you need all the space you can get, You can have this by choosing multifunctional furniture that allows you to store your clutter effectively. Be sure to look for options that match the rest of the room’s decor


A small coffee table might look very “grown up” in your dorm room, but a pouffe or ottoman that can double as a table and a seat is much more useful. You can also look into a bookshelf that doubles as a room divider to give you and your roommate some privacy. Be sure to choose furniture that matches one another, as mismatched pieces can make a room look cluttered and disorganised.

Lighten up

Now, you might be wondering what lighting has to do with space. Well, a well-placed desk lamp with the right light “temperature” can make a dorm room feel more welcoming and make the space feel bigger than what it is.


You will likely not be allowed to change your ceiling lighting or fixtures, but you can bring in a stunning desk and floor lamp. Look for copper-based desk lamps if you are opting for a neutral palette or choose a simple black floor lamp for a brightly coloured room. A warm white bulb will make the room feel homey and inviting after a long day of lectures and studying.

Be choosy with your couch

You will be spending quite a lot of time in your dorm room, and some of that time will be spent relaxing. While most students enjoy lying in bed reading, not everyone wants to be in bed all the time. This means that you will need a couch to sit on if you want to study (or binge watch hours of Gossip Girl on the weekends).


You will need to buy couch covers from Gauteng to keep your couch safe from any stains and spill. Look for two-seater couches that are not too bulky and keep to clean, straight lines to keep up the illusion of space. A sleeper couch is the ideal choice for a small space, as it can double as a bed at night if you do not have room for a double or three-quarter sized bed. Choose a couch that is comfortable, so you can use it for years to come.

Personalise the room

You will be sleeping, living and studying in your dorm room so it is important to make the space your own. This might mean creating vertical bookshelves for your study material to free up floor space or creating a canvas pin board for important notices to hang from. If you are able to, try lifting your bed to create extra storage or invest in ottomans with storage space for your winter linens and books. Whatever you choose, be sure to do it with flair, creativity and comfort in mind.